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Originating in the oldest neighbourhood of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, next to the harbour, the Paseo moves through the centre of the town, and at its northerly end, in the middle of the beautiful city, stands El Palauet, a deluxe boutique hotel, offering outstanding service to its guests.

El Palauet is within a kilometre of dozens of Barcelona’s most well-known attractions; just east of the hotel, stands the amazing Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and the vital and lively Villa De Gracia neighbourhood is two short blocks to the north. The six stories of El Palauet offer just six suites, and this small provision allows staff and guests to enjoy focused attention and complete investment during their stay. El Palauet emphasizes bespoken service for its clientele, and the entire estate can be booked for experiences designed entirely by the guests. The building itself is a prime example of the Modernista style, meaning Catalan Moderism, which embraced active involvement with the audience, as well as curves rich decoration in architecture. Each suite features a balcony, living room and ensuite bathrooms, and the rooftop offers a terrace open to all the guests, as well as the excellent El Palauet Spa.

Perfect Deluxe Living in a True Boutique Hotel

The six suites of the El Palauet are each individually designed and decorated, and furnished in the lavish details and luxurious furnishings of the Modernista style. In the naming of the suites, Tibidabo refers to the beautiful mountain due west of the hotel in the heights above the city, a famous viewpoint and amusement park, and the Paseo Suites look out on the fronting of the hotel on the Paseo De Gracia. The spaciousness of the suites determines their value, beginning with the Suite Mezzanine Tibidado and Mezzanine Paseo De Gracia at the base, rising to Suite Principal Tibidabo and Suite Atico Paseo De Gracia and at the next level, and topping off with the Suite Atico Tibidabo and the Suite Principal Paseo De Gracia. The El Palauet Spa, on the rooftop, will provide massage and beauty treatments on a bespoke basis, and the sauna and Jacuzzi are open to all guests.

The Pleasure of Bespoken Explorations of Catalonia’s Heart

When touring the city of Barcelona, you have a range of choices that are truly stellar. From its central location, every neighbourhood of the city is easy to access, whether through rental cars or passes on the extensive local metro system. Architecture is the source of many wonderful attractions all around the town, and the local Catalan culture will lead guests to amazing cuisine and delightful festivals throughout the year. Your concierge at El Palauet will be happy to provide consulting and direct you to experienced guides. Guests who prefer to simply relax at the hotel will enjoy the service of a private chef and in-suite dining on a bespoken basis, as well as rooftop relaxations at the terrace bar. El Palauet can provide its guests with the perfect place to relax and enjoy Barcelona to their hearts content, in the centre of this lively city.



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