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Eremito Hotelito Del Alma

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A secluded retreat full of peace and serenity

Umbria is a region located right in the heart of the Italian Peninsula and is well known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy, as well as influence on culture. In the middle of all this, surrounded by 3,000 hectares of forest, in the municipality of Parrano, lies Eremito Hotelito Del Alma.

Built with the help of modern bio materials and combined with the remains of an ancient monastery and open all year round, it is one of the premiere destinations in the region. Whether you visit during the scorching Italian summers or the cold winters, the thick stone walls will keep you cool or warm, respectively. More than that, it is a place for meditation, devoid of the constant distractions of modern life. You may also be pleased to hear that guests are asked to turn their phones of while on the premises. The message is clear: This is a place where you forget all about the outside.

Keeping with the traditional theme, the 14 rooms offered by the retreat, known as “Celluzze”, are also devoid of modern distractions: there are no TVs, no phones and no air conditioning or mini-fridges. The rooms are heated not by some complicated modern contraption, but by simple, wood-burning boilers.

That is not to say that you would not be comfortable here – the relaxation area features heated pools and steam rooms, made entirely out of ancient stone. The hotel, above all, tries to maintain the themes and lifestyle of a time long gone, and it does so not by lavishing us with gaudy, overly designed rooms and all the amenities of modern life, but by taking those away. Without all of those things, we can have something much rarer in the 21st century: inner peace.

Experience 14th Century Italian Cuisine

Your stay at the Eremito Hotelito del Alma includes breakfast, lunch as well as dinner at its in-house restaurant, “Refettorio”. Its cuisine is vegetarian and vegan in nature and made up of ancient monastic recipes made with local, biological products from Umbrian gardens. The purpose of this menu is so that guests may savor the flavours of the 14th century while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, the monastic retreat’s menu reflects its architecture. It is simple and moderate, and reminds one of strong and long-held Umbrian traditions.

In winter, you would dine in the Refectory – by a large, roaring stone fireplace. In the summer or warmer spring days you will be dining among the trees, with a wonderful view of the forested countryside.

Experience a Simpler Life

Rather than trying to find your way through crowded streets and busy transportation systems during what should be your leisure time, activities at Eremito Hotelito Del Alma, as you may expect, keep in line with the rest of its theme.

The hotel offers horse riding, walks through the forested hills along the Chiani River as well as the opportunity to get your hands dirty in the vegetable garden.

For those more spiritually inclined, activities such as yoga and meditation classes, icon painting, as well as a Gregorian chant work-shop are available.

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