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Explora Atacama

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Explora Atacama, a wild landscape in Chile

In the northern reaches of the nation of Chile, near its border with Peru, lies the Atacama Desert, windswept, dry and remote. The natural forces of erosion and heat have worked wonders on this tract of sand and stone, and the intrepid traveler that ventures into this landscape will be delighted with its alien beauty. Anyone who explores the Atacama should also consider a relaxing stay at the Explora Atacama, a luxurious resort that will make any adventure more rewarding. The hotel was assembled with local materials, and designed with the sleekness of aerospace structures in mind, all of which creates an architectural style with a cool and refreshing feel.

The Villa and the Desert

The Explora Atacama is located just outside the small town of San Pedro De Atacama. The settlement serves as a sort of gateway to the Atacama, with several of the desert’s most striking features within easy traveling distance. Far to the east lies the now-extinct Licancabur Volcano, and to the west the Cordillera De Domeyko Mountains run north and south, providing an awe-inspiring view from every part of the town. The town is situated in a basin area, and directly to the south lies a genuine oddity – a lake in the middle of one of the driest places on earth! The Laguna Chaxa is a small body of water, yet it often hosts thousands of flamingos. The exotic contrast of water, desert, and pink birds striding through the shallows makes a surreal and delightful vision.

A Special Companion for the High Roads

The Explora Atacama is unique in San Pedro in that it provides its guests with the most reliable desert transportation in the world – horseback! The Resort offers a stable of trusty steeds, experienced and calm, and all ready to journey over rocks and scrubland to the most exotic sites in the region. Classes are available for beginners, and the mounts have all been trained to handle many levels of experience. The resort offers six local rides of varying degrees of difficulty, including a four-hour ascent to 2600 meters at the Valle De la Luna (the Valley of the Moon), where panoramic desert vistas may be enjoyed. The Explora will also gladly provide a local guide for hiking tours. Bicycles can be rented for the exciting local trails, which take advantage of the dry ground throughout the area to lead riders on some exotic rides.

The Clarity of The Night

With its location on a high plateau, its dry air usually clear of clouds, and its distance from large urban light sources, the Atacama Desert sky is an astronomer’s dream. Explora Atacama has taken heed of this and assembled a fully functional astronomical observatory on its property. In the high Andes of South America, astronomy is wonderfully rewarding even with the naked eye – the Incan astrologers were said to have such a clear view of the Milky Way that they gave names to the dark shadows of interstellar gas outlined in our galaxy’s waistline.

A Memory of Pleasure

Come to the Explora Atacama, and enjoy the desert’s finest barbeques, spa services, and beautiful mountains. Relax in the swimming pool, and visit the Explorer’s Bar. The luxury of the desert can be entrancing, here in the Andes of Northern Chile.


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