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Explora Patagonia

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Travel to the Southernmost tip of the world at Explora Patagonia

Explora Patagonia is a true destination in Chile where each guest can become an authentic explorer. Offering a lengthy list of explorations, by foot or by horse, guests will find a new experience during each season of the year. At the end of the day, come home to a luxurious hotel that has every amenity a world class traveler would expect.

Live in Patagonian Luxury

Two distinct guest room styles offer the ultimate in peace and solitude. While each is appointed with the comfort of the guest as a primary focus, there are no televisions or internet access in the rooms. At Explora, the hope is that each visitor can disconnect from the world they live in and their daily routine, thus allowing them to be open to a new experience.

Six glorious Exploradora Suites present an abundance of space as well as the finest views of the Macizo del Paine. Appointments are airy and tranquil, offering everything that a discerning traveller will need to enjoy their Patagonian holiday.

Dine and Relax in Elegance

Dining at the Explora Patagonia Hotel is an extension of the exploration philosophy that has earned them a well respected reputation. Meals are created on site by chefs who understand the need for nutritious yet delicious cuisine. Each meal is accompanied by a Chilean wine that showcases the varieties in the region.

Before and after each bespoke Explora exploration experience, gather with friends and guides at the Explorer’s Bar. Here, plans are made for the next great Patagonia exploration. Guests enjoy sharing stories of their adventures over a fully stocked bar and a fine Chilean wine

Following a sloped wood path that leads away from the main building, guests will discover the spa facilities presented by the hotel. Take full advantage of heated pools, Jacuzzis and a sauna, as well as many massage rooms. Massages offered at the spa are centered on energy, relaxation or therapy.

When you find yourself needing additional supplies or gear for your explorations, visit the store at the Explora Hotel. Here, visitors will find many useful items for daily use, as well as keepsakes and gifts from the region, and many books about Patagonia.

Open Your Heart to a New Experience

As the only hotel in Patagonia that breeds and stables its own horses, visitors are often amazed by the care and compassion given to each of their twenty six Explora equines. Each of the different breeds and cross breeds are raised from birth in the central valley of Chile. The horses on the property are cared for exclusively by Gaela Hourcq, a French born equine expert who has worked in stables all over the world.

Of all of the many places and culturally significant items to explore, there is none more apt for the region than that of the Gaucho lifestyle. Guests of the Explora Patagonia Hotel are treated to many Gaucho experiences, from livestock driving to sheep shearing, and horse training to fire roasted lamb cookouts.


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