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At Explora Rapa Nui, enjoy exclusive insights into the centuries-old secrets of one of the most remote islands in the world

Situated in the iridescent waters of the Pacific Ocean on Easter Island, thousands of miles from South America, Explora Rapa Nui is a world into its own. The culture of Rapa Nui is unique in all aspects, with a history that is subtle yet incredibly nuanced.

Relax in Rapa Nui Luxury

Explora Rapa Nui offers discerning guests a choice of twenty six Varua guest rooms, each spacious and well appointed. Minimalist décor allows the beauty of the outdoors to become the focus of each guest room, thanks to the magnificent views of the sea from the large picture windows. The use of natural fibres and hardwoods evokes a sense of oneness with the surrounding landscape.

If you are seeking a guest accommodation that is even more elegant, try one of the four Raa Suites. Also showcasing enigmatic views of the sea, the Raa Suites are graciously spacious. The perfect place to rest and reflect on the inspiring journeys and explorations that you encountered while visiting Rapa Nui.

At Explora Rapa Nui Restaurant, guests are treated to seasonal dishes prepared with health and wellbeing in mind. Sinfully delicious and light on the body, each menu item may be paired with an international wine recommended by your host. The atmosphere is crisp and casual, inviting guests to engage in conversation and self discovery.

At the Explorer’s Bar, travellers will meet with their tour guides and exploration planners to create bespoke journeys. Enjoy spirited cocktails, signature drinks and a well stocked wine cellar. This is the location where you will find most of your fellow guests in the evenings, excitedly retelling stories from their own adventures in Rapa Nui.

Other Areas to Explore

Without ever leaving the property, there are many aspects of the hotel which deserve their own exploration. The architecture is incredible, from the interesting lines and curves of the buildings to the hand-picked artwork that adorns the walls. Blending contemporary design with ancient South American mystique, guests may fell they are in a wholly different universe.

Conveniently close to each of the guest rooms and suites, the Rapa Nui Spa is an extravagant experience waiting to happen. Indulge the body and mind in a massage, performed by a skilled massage therapist, or lounge by the pool in your free hours. Take a dip in one of the Jacuzzis or melt your stresses away in the sauna.

Explora Rapa Nui’s store combines daily necessities with artisanal goods that are hand crafted in the area. Purchase items for your explorations, gifts for your family and friends, and many educational texts about the islands.

Exploration is the true reason to visit Rapa Nui, and with more than twenty different options, guests will never run out of things to do and see. Expert guides, fluent in English and Spanish, will see to your every need. Explorers of all levels will discover a new place, a new idea, and a new perception of the world.


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