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Fendi Private Suites

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Live in a luxury Roman home at the Fendi Private Suites

When visiting Rome, the Fendi Private Suites offer an exclusive luxury hotel atmosphere in the heart of an ancient city. Fendi has long been regarded as an iconic location for haute couture fashion and designer shopping. This private seventeenth century residence has been lovingly renovated to offer seven private suites for guests who wish to shop in Fendi and explore the heritage of the city.

Once the home of the famed Boncompagni family, the home is palatial in design and aesthetic. High end luxury melds seamlessly with traditional Roman architecture to create a travel experience for the ages. Aristocratic Roman elegance is visible at every turn, as are the unique contemporary details that exemplify the fashionable world of Fendi.

Roman Suite Offerings

Each of the seven guest suites of the Fendi Private Suites is unique in space and accommodation. All Fendi suites are spacious enough for two to four guests and include every luxury a ttravellercould desire. Colour palettes are neutral and natural fibres envelop each space with a sense of calm and tranquility. Highlighted artistic appointments remind guests they are staying in the heart of a fashionable and cultural mecca.

Exploring Fendi and Rome

The sheer number of activities and attractions for visitors to Rome are almost overwhelming. Guests of the Fendi suites will have a myriad of options for shopping, dining, cultural exploration, and excursions. Rome itself is a frenetic juxtaposition of history and innovation, the old and the new, presented in a bustling city that never sleeps. This is why having a luxury suite to come home to each day is an even more treasured privilege for guests.

Travelers may choose to spend their days touring the Vatican museums nearby, exploring the Piazza Navona, or shopping for fresh produce and hand crafted delicacies at the Campo de Fiori Market. Others may wish to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the National Art Museum (MAXXI), or the famed Colosseum. From the Trevi Fountain to the Pantheon, Fendi and Rome travellers are offered magical, romantic, and mythical experiences on every street.

The concierge at Fendi Private Suites is happy to direct guests to the most luxurious eateries and fine dining establishments in the region.

Famous Fendi Shopping

Many to visit Fendi for a holiday have plans to shop and investigate the latest fashions. A must see for all guests of the Fendi Private Suites is the House of Fendi. This brand has long been recognized as the leader in fine Italian glamour. Through their many shops and boutiques, travelers will find clothing, handbags, shoes, perfumes, and accessories.


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