Grand Dedale Country House

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Grand Dedale Country House, a wonderful mansion in a green, African Valley

About one hour northeast of Cape Town, in the Hawequas Mountains, there is a deep and verdant valley called the Bainskloof Pass, translated as Bain’s Cleft. Once taken by the Boer Trekkers to enter the interior of the nation of South Africa, this valley is now the site of the excellent vineyards of the Doolhof Wine Estate, which produce deep and varied red and white wines, as well as beautiful forests, rivers and the unique fynbos, or “fine bush,” of the South African environment. In this lovely dale you can also find the Grand Dedale Country House, a deluxe boutique hotel and lodge, laid out along the banks of the Kromme River. The resort is surrounded by 380 hectares of wild South African forest and mountains, with vineyards covering 40 hectares near the heart of the estate.

The estate consists of the Manor House and the Cottage, with the Doolhof winery and supporting buildings in the same area. Offering sumptuous furnishings in an elegant resort setting, Grand Dedale is designed in a rustic theme, with bright white décor highlighting the advanced technology that serves guests. Cedar beams cross the ceilings above exquisite chandeliers, and an antique Victrola stands in the well-stocked library, while wifi and docking stations are easy to access throughout the grounds. Grand Dedale boasts luxury accommodation, and the Concierge will be happy to create bespoken journeys of the area, including the nearby wineries of Franschhoek, Paarl, and Stellenbosch.

Elegance and Luxury in the Countryside

When you stay at Grand Dedale, you will have a selection of six lofts and suites to choose from, all named for illustrious Afrikaaners. The six basic suites are roughly equivalent in area, with the penthouse option, the privately situated, two-story Cottage, offering the most space at 115 square meters. The three lofts are the Haweque, the Limietberg, and the Groenberg, and accessible only by spiral staircases. The ground floor suites are the Jaque Potier, the Lady Anne Barnard, and the Andrew Bain. The cottage features two bathrooms and private patio, with outstanding views of the surrounding gardens, forests, and mountain ranges. While at Grand Dedale, all guests can arrange bespoke sessions with spa therapists at the Grand Dedale Spa Treatment Room, and relax at the fifteen meter outdoor pool near the Manor House.

Bespoke Roaming in the South African Fynbos

During your stay in the South African countryside, the Concierge at Grand Dedale will be happy to arrange any outdoor activities that you would enjoy. The surrounding countryside is perfect for hiking, and the estate features a pair of excellent trail, called the River Walk and the Vineyard Walk that provide excellent views. The nearby mountains are filled with antelope and mongoose, and trout can be caught where the river opens up. Bespoken explorations are part of Grand Dedale’s expertise, with clay pigeon shooting, hot air ballooning and river rafting all part of the repertoire. After enjoying a jaunt over the countryside, you will be glad to relax by the pool at the Manor House, where the estate’s chefs will create customized four-course table d’hôte meals for you, feature seafood and game, and locally sourced ingredients. After a refreshing drink and a good night rest, the valley of Bainskloof will seem like paradise, and Grand Dedale will have earned its reputation as one of the finest countryside luxury resorts in the world.


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