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Hotel Brosundet

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Hotel Brosundet, a splendid hotel among the Norwegian Fjords

The town of Alesund stands a little south of the centre of Norway, where the climate is warmed by the Gulf Stream and the fisheries are rich and thriving. In the centre of this lovely coastal gem sits the Hotel Brosundet, a small luxury hotel that can offer the best in bespoke touring to its guests. One of the more urban members of the 62° Nord group of hotels, The Hotel Brosundet sits atop a beautiful canal that crosses the middle of the town, neat the centre of the dining district. The hotel is a calm white three-story structure, and in its three floors there are 46 suites, all receiving close service from the attentive staff. The Suite is the hotel’s top flight offering, and there are the usual Juniors, Doubles, and Standard Double rooms, and there are also a pair of wonderfully unique choices for you. Room 47 is a suite in the harbour’s lighthouse, the Molja Lighthouse, located just a five-minute walk away from the hotel itself. Additionally, if you want to experience true peace and quiet, travel to the nearby island of Giske, and enjoy a stay at the small Norwegian cabin called the Staurnset. Every one of the Brosundet’s facilities is a true luxury accommodation, offering the finest service and most elegant furnishings in the city.

The Awe of the Cliffs and Waters

As a devoted advocate of the bespoke travel experience, Hotel Brosundet will gladly arrange for countless touring opportunities that might interest you. The city of Alesund is located close to one of the most beautiful regions of Norway, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Geirangerfjord. The immense cliffs soar above, and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls veils the face of the fjord’s mountains, and the Hotel can quickly arrange a tour of the site by boat or car. In the winter, skiing is a popular feature of the Norwegian world, and you can take lessons from guides at whatever skill level you stand at. Local guides will be pleased to introduce to the winter vistas of the Geirangerfjord or the Hjørundfhjord to the south. And of course, helicopter tours are always available as a part of the bespoken experience, should you wish to fly over the Sunnmore Mountains of the area.

A Tour of A Town Built All at Once

In the town of Alesund, the architecture has an unusual consistency. This is because in 1904, a huge fire burned down nearly everything wooden in the area, which included all of the buildings. Though only one life was lost, the town had to do a total rebuild all of its homes. This was accomplished with a rush of help from 20 master builders and 30 architects from all over Europe. They all agreed to focus on the Art Nouveau style, and today, there are several Art Nouveau museums and study centers in the town. When you have finished exploring the fjords of the region, you may wish a bespoke tour of the town’s aquarium, or perhaps a round of golf on the Sølnor Gaard course near the town center. The hotel’s dining establishment, Restaurant Maki, offers eight course dinners and may be the best restaurant in the country. The Hotel Brosundet will be glad to provide you with the bespoken travel experience that will make your journey to Norway an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Brosundet - Norway -Hotel Brosundet - Norway - RestaurantHotel Brosundet - Norway - bedroomHotel Brosundet - Norway - FireplaceHotel Brosundet - Norway - FacadeHotel Brosundet - Norway - Bar Hotel Brosundet - Norway - LoungeHotel Brosundet - Norway - LighthouseHotel Brosundet - Norway - Bed -Hotel Brosundet - Norway - viewHotel Brosundet - Norway - BarHotel Brosundet - Norway - Bed

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