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Hotel Goldgasse

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Hotel Goldgasse, an Intimate affair with Austria’s history

The Hotel Goldgasse Salzburg prides itself as a boutique hotel that seeks to offer its guests an intimate experience with the rich history that has seeped into the walls and tiles of the hotel. Yet what, exactly, gives the hotel its distinctive appeal?

Modern Amenities In the Heart of the Old Town

Salzburg’s Aldstadt or Old Town is an icon of Baroque architecture and is considered one of the most well-preserved cities in the region – which is why it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site almost twenty years ago. This on top of Mozart being one of the city’s most recognizable sons, with his influence living on in virtually every aspect of the city.

This connection with the past is one aspect of the Hotel Goldgasse that it strives to live up to. Historic stucco, frescoes reminiscent of the past, antique stone floors – the décor of its sixteen rooms reflects its commitment to honour the rich history of Salzburg while incorporating modern comforts into the whole experience. Even the location of Hotel Goldgasse contains a deep history, what with the original building serving as a coppersmiths’ shop as far back as 1573.

Authentic Austrian Cuisine

No traveller could truly experience the wonders of Salzburg without sampling its rich cuisine. From luscious Ravioli and Truffles bursting with curd cheese, to Deer and Fig with a pink saddle resting underneath an almond biscuit crust, passionate gastronomes will find a lot to love in the GasthofGoldgasse. And what full-course meal would be complete without complementing it with wines from the restaurant’s exclusive wine cart?

The restaurant also places great emphasis not just on the taste of the food but the community that revolves around the cuisine it serves its guests. The GasthoffGoldgasse goes to great lengths to secure the freshest seasonal produce from local Salzburger establishments – ensuring that the local food industry is strong enough to keep offering the best produce for the best Austrian dishes.

Special Offers and Programmes for Intrepid Travellers

Travellers that like to go against the flow will be pleased to know that the Hotel Goldgasse regularly brings out programmes to increase the value of a guest’s visit. Those that can time their visits during the low season will get a wide array of perks, from free nights and complimentary meals to gaining a complimentary Salzburg Card that makes exploring the city much easier and convenient. Hotel Goldgasse also runs a voucher programme – perfect for guests to give their friends, family and loved ones a very special surprise.

The Hotel Goldgasse also offers luxurious accommodations for those seeking to host or partake in an event. This makes it easy for individuals to plan and organize their events, from a romantic wedding set to the equally romantic backdrops of the city to corporate retreats aiming to reward a job well done.

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