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Hotel Seven One Seven

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Hotel Seven One Seven, a boutique hotel From the Golden Age of Holland

The city of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a prosperous old Dutch place, where the streets are made of water, and where the colorful houses crowd together along the canals that circle the city in ever larger arcs. Numerous water taxis, water buses, and publicly shared boats can offer you their services, and you can take them directly to the front door of Hotel Seven One Seven, a boutique luxury lodging on the Prinsengracht Canal. The dignified brown facade features one modest sign in gold, yet inside you will find a true deluxe experience of European five-star accommodations in the grand traditions of Dutch hospitality. Once the property of a sugar importer with ties to the East Indies, Hotel Seven One Seven is a mansion with style and substance, melded with the history of the great merchants of Amsterdam. The hotel will gladly provide its guests with amazing bespoke tours of the city, as well as some of the most luxurious accommodations that can be enjoyed in the region.

The Personable Dutch Traditions of Hospitality

Hotel Seven One Seven was constructed in the 17th century, and in 1810 its owner, a wealthy merchant finished the building when he added a working sugar mill in the rear of the estate. Today, under the guidance of GM Brita Rohl, the Hotel provides nine luxuriously appointed suites to its guests. The hotel has brought a fine touch of whimsy to the naming of its rooms, because each is individually named for a famous artist and performer, which gives you food for thought when you compare rates to personas. The lowest rates go to the Dickens and Franz Liszt suites, while the middle group consists of the Mahler, Tolkien, Shakespeare and Von Goethe ensembles. Shubert and Picasso get the penthouse options while the Room at the Top offers the best price for a fine view of the canal. The suites all feature a personal touch, with fresh flowers and candles replenished daily, and the colorful decorative blues, reds, and warm creams of the facilities will bring a lively perspective to your stay. In good weather, the Seven One Seven hosts the Patio in the courtyard to the rear, where a peaceful breakfast can be enjoyed under the old maple tree. Finally the Library will give the Hotel’s clientele an excellent spot to plan the day’s explorations.

A Look Around The Capital of the Netherlands

Hotel Seven one Seven is proud to offer bespoke guidance and touring services, with babysitting for families allowing the grownups to explore adult venues, and private boating excursions to take guests along some of the most scenic views in Europe. The Concertgebouw, where classic concerts can be enjoyed is within walking distance to the southwest, as are the great greensward of the city, the Vongelpark, and the Van Gogh Museum. To the northeast lies the center of the old town, where the great shopping district lies, along with the Royal Palace and the lively town squares. All of Amsterdam will be waiting for you, and you can expect to enjoy an outstanding bespoken introduction to the city with the help of Hotel Seven One Seven.

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