Hotel Tugu Lombok

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Get immersed in history whilst staying at genuine island paradise Hotel Tugu Lombok

Across the calm waters of the Lombok Strait in Indonesia, a short distance from Bali, sits the tranquil and lush island of Lombok. Often overlooked by travellers, this idyllic Indonesian setting offers some of the finest beaches and waterways in the Indian Ocean. Prominently placed on the coast of Lombok rests the quaint yet luxurious Hotel Tugu Lombok.

A Bevvy of Luxury Rooms

A bespoke and masterful collection of eight private villa styles awaits guests of the Hotel Tugu Lombok. Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of the Sang Hyang Nirvana, a suite that explores and discovers the quiet solitude of the Hindu religion. The Sang Hyang Jagatnata offers Hindu gods and godly luxuries. The Puri Dadap Merah allows the Buddha to watch over slumbering guests while evoking a temple feel. While the Bhagavat Gita Oceanfront Suite is a paradise of heavenly standards.

The lovely Aloon-Aloon Garden Villa intertwine the beauty of Indonesian flora within its walls, while also surrounded by a floral utopia on the outside. The Svarga Villa offers up a study in Asian artwork and sculpture that is beyond compare. At the Kampong Lombok Bungalows, diaphanous linens whisper in the breezes and exotic local woods form the structures that encase the overall grandeur. Lastly, the Ampenan Bungalows take guests on a journey of cultural blending, studying the Indo-Chinese heritage of the area.

Far East Cuisine Explored

Guests of the Hotel Tugu Lombok will find 7 opulent dining venues nestled in and around their private villa, suite, or bungalow. Each venue offers picturesque views of Lombok, the amazing collection of antiques and artefacts housed in the hotel, and gloriously resplendent cuisine. Choose to dine indoors at the likes of the Lara Djonggrang Bar or underneath the beautiful sky at the Lotus Pond.

An alluring 9 dining experiences are offered to each guest of the Hotel Tugu Lombok. Choose to taste the sensational flavours of the Far East during the Romantic Sunrise Picnic Breakfast, or the Quixotic Dreams Dinner. Enlighten the palate and the Spirit during a Royal Tugudom Dining experience or even a Full Moon Barbeque.

The Finest Indonesian Activities

There are plenty of opportunities to be active while staying at the Hotel Tugu Lombok, there are even more opportunities to actively enhance your own sense of adventure. Take a Traditional Lombok Cooking Class, A Djamoe Herbal Drinks Class, or a Guided Yoga and Meditation Class. Other guests may find the chance to assist hatching turtles a worthwhile pursuit. From Pearl Cultivation to Waterfall Trekking and surfing, the excursions and activities in Lombok are always amazing.

Indulgence at Your Finger Tips

In the Hening Swarga Temple at the Hotel Tugu Lombok, travellers of every age will find the ultimate spa indulgences waiting to wash away their troubles. With a strict focus on the healing properties of Eastern Medicine, blended with the Hinu philosophies inherent to the region, guests will discover first class services at this bespoke spa temple.

One visit to Lombok and the Hotel Tugu Lombok will ensure travellers understand that there are more options in Indonesia for luxury holiday than those found in neighbouring Bali.

Hotel Tugu Lombok  -  Pool with sunloungersHotel Tugu Lombok  -  Bhagavat Gita Oceanfront Suite 2Hotel Tugu Lombok  -  Hening Swarga Temple (5)Hotel Tugu Lombok  -  Hotel BoatHotel-Tugu-Lombok-Hening-Swarga-Temple-Quixotic-Dreams-DinnerHotel Tugu Lombok  -  Sang Hyang Nirvana - Pool (3) editHotel-Tugu-Lombok-Bale-Kokok-PletokHotel Tugu Lombok  -  Sire Beach - Front Lawn (1)Hotel Tugu Lombok  -  Bhagavat Gita Oceanfront SuiteHotel Tugu Lombok  -  PoolHotel Tugu Lombok  -  Outdoor BathroomHotel Tugu Lombok  -  Beach DiningHotel Tugu Lombok  -  Sang Hyang Jagatnata - Pool (4)Hotel Tugu Lombok  -  Sire Beach - Front Lawn (3)Hotel Tugu Lombok  -  Puri Dadap Merah - Pool (4) edit

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