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Hotel Union Øye

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Hotel Union Øye, the hotel by the forests of the Fjord

In the centre of Norway, just about one hundred miles south of the Artic Circle, the winters are mild and the summers are warm.  Where once glaciers carved rivers of ice, gigantic cliffs now form the fjords of Norway, and the land is covered in green forests. At the foot of these mountains, at the far end of the waters of the Hjørundfjorden, stands the village of Øye, and in the village stands the Hotel Union Øye.  The Hotel is located at the foot of the cliffs that form the Hjørunfjorden, and the green forests reach up to the mountains all around the gracious building.  Open since 1891, and host to royalty and celebrities throughout its history, the Hotel Union Øye features a medieval design of Alpine themes, greeting visitor with Nordic gables and brightly colored exterior.  Decorated in the classic lavish style of deluxe European tours, the Hotel features 27 suites.  The Hotel Union Øye will gladly host a conferences or wedding, and also specializes in bespoke itineraries.  Since the nearby area is filled with amazing sights and activities, you have only to ask, and the staff will gladly arrange services for you.

A Journey to the Waterfalls

About ten miles to the east of the Hotel, the Geirangerfjord offers some of the most famous scenic astonishments in the entire country.  The Seven Sisters Waterfall is an international wonder, and the Geirangerfjord is in the middle of a great national park, filled with beautiful forests and mountains.  The Hotel will be happy to arrange a sail around the fjords to the foot of the Seven Sisters, and if you are interested in exploring the nearby Sunnmore Mountains, a private guide can be engaged for short or long hiking expeditions. As part of the 62° Nord bespoke luxury travel group, Hotel Union Øye will be able to assist you in designing the journey through the fjords that suits you best, whether that includes high-speed sea-rafting, or perhaps a quiet exploration of the museums of the picturesque town of Alesund.  For the lovers of winter sports, the Hotel can arrange guided ski tours of the back-country, and perhaps guests who enjoy exercise will have fun with the Hotel Union Øye Farm Challenge, which allows teams of interested guests to compete in the tasks of a nearby farm.

Taking Time to See The City

About twenty miles north of the Hotel, the town of Alesund straddles around four tightly knit islands.  In the centre of the town stands the Aksla hill, a beautiful rise that offers an incredible view of one of Norway’s most important fisheries. In 1904 a fire destroyed almost every building in the town, and when it was rebuilt, architects used a consistent Art Nouveau theme.  The history of this unusual architectural remaking is told at the Jugendstilsenteret, one of the many lovely buildings erected after the fire.  The Hotel Union Øye will gladly arrange for bespoken tours of the city of Alesund.  With a firm commitment to luxurious accommodations and bespoken service, the Hotel will provide you with the finest introduction to the famous fjords of the North.

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