Il Salviatino - View of the Main House surrounded by greenery

Il Salviatino

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Florentine Finesse and Tuscan Temptation at Il Salviatino

Atop the zenith of a breathtaking Tuscan hillside is the quaint town of Fiesole, a commune with profound Etruscan roots which showcases a plethora of Roman influences. This charming historical setting is home to many points of interest near Florence, and the Il Salviatino Hotel. Once a 15th century villa, the estate has undergone a detailed and proud restoration, bringing all of its opulent grandeur back to life as a luxury hotel.

Redefining the Traditional Suite and Dining Experiences

The 4 styles of bespoke guest rooms and 10 different suites at the Il Salviatino Hotel exemplify the lavish nature of Tuscany. Provocative leathers and diaphanous linens blend into the earthy yet romantic motif of each guest space. Guest rooms provide an evocation of the arabesque motif, with darkly stained hardwoods and stately appointments. Tantalizing views will enamour each traveller through the sunlight filled windows and archways. The Il Salviatino Hotel’s suites entertain the ultimate in ambrosial utopia. Opulence is redefined in spaces where stone, marble, exotic woods, and tasteful antiques collide in a champion endeavour. A Masterclass in light and shadow, subtle tones blanket each suite with an allure of sensuality, beckoning each traveller towards repose and romance.

It is not enough to sleep in grandeur, guests of the Il Salviatino Hotel are given the privilege of dining from the exquisite menus of La Cucina. Italian for “the kitchen”, La Cucina strives to embody the heart of the estate, like every traditional Tuscan home. With a focus on locally grown and sourced ingredients, all menus are created seasonally, to highlight the finest produce and meats of the region. The Il Salviatino Hotel has taken this philosophy further by turning a portion of the surrounding park into their own organic vegetable garden. Providing guests with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every whim in between, La Cucina is the epitome of delicious Italian cuisine.

From Recreation to Relaxation

Rejuvenation and reclamation await each guest of the La Spa Il Salviatino and on the grounds of the Il Salviatino Hotel. While the pure iridescent waters of the many outdoor pools lull you like a melodic tune, sip a cold beverage and enjoy the pristine gardens that encompass the estate. For a wholly indulgent experience, visit La Spa for an exclusive treatment, such as a Volcanic Powder Peel or the 3 hour Tuscany Pleasures treatment. Offering a wide array of health and beauty services, La Spa offers unforgettable experiences for individuals, couples, and families.

Adventure abounds throughout the many inclusive packages at the Il Salviatino Hotel. Escape the hustle of city life with the Relax and Enjoy Florence package, where you and a guest are treated to indulgent spa treatments, unsurpassed dining, and lavish accommodations. Winding roads and rolling hills make Tuscany the ideal setting for motorcyclists. With the Harley Under the Tuscan Sun package, guests will explore the region on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, provided by the Il Salviatino Hotel.

Tuscany has the potential to reignite your passions, for life, cuisine, and love. The Il Salviatino Hotel enables this epiphany with the utmost care, consideration, and luxury hospitality.

Il Salviatino - View over the city of Florence by nightIl Salviatino - View of the GardensIl Salviatino - The Pool 2Il Salviatino - Greenhouse SuiteIl Salviatino - Spa HammamIl Salviatino - Lounge in the beautiful gardensIl Salviatino - View of the Main House at nightIl Salviatino - Greenhouse HallIl Salviatino - PicnicIl Salviatino - Lounging around the swimming poolIl Salviatino - Deluxe RoomIl Salviatino - The PoolIl Salviatino - Dining under the starsIl Salviatino - Affresco SuiteIl Salviatino - View of the Main House with a backdrop of dramatic clouds

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