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Juvet is a radical design of natural peace in the great wilderness of Central Norway

Close to the heart of Norway, near the cities of Molde and Alesund, the fjords reach deep into the mountain ranges, as far as the Reinheiman National Park. The park is where several local rivers are born, including the Valldøla River, which flows westward into the Norddalsfjorden, where the waters become salty. The Valldøla River flows through a deep forest in its valley, and in the heart of that forest stands the Juvet Landscape Hotel. The hotel is a project and an experiment, initially begun by the architects Jensen and Skodvin, who took ownership of the small cabin on a parcel of land in the heart of the valley, and then began to create small structures and other additions to the area, always with a view to designing a luxury resort invisible in a wilderness setting. When the current owner, a farmer from Alesund, agreed to transform the locale into a hotel, the Juvet was born.

A Quiet Forest Protecting Warm Houses With Walls of Glass

Today, the estate consists of a restored farm with thirteen unique guest residences. Seven are detached landscape rooms, small and set on stilts, darkly lit to encourage guests to seek the outside light. There are also two guestrooms called the birdhouses, small constructions based on Norwegian log storehouses called “stabburats,” which are no more than eight square meters in area, and perched above the estate on a hillside. The estate also offers the farmhouse for larger groups or parties, a reconstructed barn, a mountain cabin and a concerted mill house of just two square meters in area, sitting on top of the river. The mountain cabin and mill house do not have running water. The entire setting is designed to include natural life as much as possible. Every landscape room has one or two walls made of glass, to allow the natural world inside, yet none of the houses are given a view inside of another.

All of the houses were constructed without earthworks or blasting. The estate also features a spa area, separate from the farmhouse group, and close to the waters of the river, with a steam room, showers and changing rooms, a communal fireplace area, and outdoor hot tub. Massages can be arranged with bespoke consultants. The Juvet Landscape Hotel has completely realised a new way for travellers to rest and relax in a natural setting, with the air and the waters of the valley giving new life to visitors.

A Time for the Body to Be Strong

As you can imagine, the Juvet places an emphasis on outdoor activity. The amazing beauty of the mountains and forests around the area make it easy for guests to agree with the design. Within a two-minute walk of the hotel, the Gudbrandsjuvet Gorge, opened to the public by walkways designed by Jensen and Skodvin, and featuring a fine new restaurant, offers visitors a tremendous view of a natural wonder. The awesome Geiraingerfjord UNESCO World Heritage site is just a few hours of boating away, to the west, and bespoken trips there can be easily arranged. Winter skiing, summer rafting, hiking; each and every activity is available on a bespoken basis. Meals are taken communally at the Barn, and regularly feature such delicacies as venison and salmon. Desserts are prepared daily from local orchards and fruit farms, and excellent beer wine and spirits are available. The Juvet will bring you back to the outdoor world, and in doing so, provide you with a life-changing experience.


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