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Four Clans, One Great Stay at Keemala in Phuket

The story of Keemala is a very interesting one that goes back centuries. It starts with a large caravan of merchant ships sailing a busy trade route that connected the Eastern and Western worlds. Since this journey took several years to make, sailors from the various ships developed close bonds despite their diverse backgrounds. This diversity arose not just from national origin, but also from differing skillsets; merchants, navigators, engineers, performers, farmers, healers, and writers all played an important role in this nomadic lifestyle. Disaster struck as the caravan was crossing the Indian Ocean. Almost all of the ships sank; those that survived were in desperate need of repair. Luckily, the remaining crew was able to patch the ships well enough to make it to Jungceylon Cape in the Andaman Sea. The land they found was a tropical paradise with fertile ground and ample clean water. Many of these world travelers decided it would be a great place to settle down, so they constructed a peaceful village on the hillside overlooking the bay they arrived in. Over the years, the community developed four clans, each with a distinctive way of life.

When a resort at Keemala was constructed, the creators wanted to honour this story and thus created four different sectors for guests to choose from. Each of these reflect the styles and beliefs of the clan they are named after.

Pa-Tah-Pea: Earth Clan

This clan was composed primarily of those who worked closely with nature, such as farmers, fishermen, blacksmiths, carpenters, and miners. Due to their belief that a connection to the earth held health benefits, they constructed their entire homes out of soil and clay, including their furniture and beds.

This inspired the resort’s Clay Pool Cottages. This house is close to nature in a very literal sense – it is immersed in the rainforest. The earth tones of the walls and furniture mesh nicely with the vibrant green right outside the windows. In addition, an outside shower gives visitors a feeling of connection with nature.

We-Ha: Sky Clan

Comprised of healers, architects, and inventors, this wise group wanted to be closer to the heavens in order to elevate their creativity and liberty. They did this by elevating their homes from the ground using advanced engineering knowledge.

Keeping with this theme are the Tree Pool Houses. Seemingly suspended above the jungle, this two story villa comes with a private pool. Much of the furniture dangles from the ceiling, creating a very freeing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Rung-Nok: Nest Clan

This elite clan was included artists, performers, and philosophers. They would bathe under the moonlight, believing their souls would be replenished after this ritual. Some people say that this is why they were the most intellectual and creative of the clans.

This opulent lifestyle is reflected in the Bird’s Nest Pool Villas. The exclusivity of the clan is reflected in the nest like woven exterior of the villa. Guests can also take a moonlight dip in their own personal lap pool overlooking the rainforest or mountains.

Kohn-Jorn: Wanderer Clan

Foragers, herders, explorers, and traders made up this adventurous group. Since they lived a nomadic lifestyle, they constructed semi-permanent homes.

Inspired by the wanderlust of this tribe, architects designed the Tent Pool Villas. The flowing roofs of these structures resemble tents. Each villa has a pool and overlooks the ocean.

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