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La Posta Vecchia

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Princely grandeur and Roman grace are found at La Posta Vecchia

It is only fitting that a manor house used for the entertainment of guests of the esteemed Orsini Family in the 17th century would become an elaborate and luxurious seaside resort in the 21st century. La Posta Vecchia retains the elegant splendour of its Castello Odescalchi roots, continuing to provide a private hideaway for weary travellers and visitors who wish to experience the regal life while in Rome.

Composed of 11 guest rooms and 8 suites, La Posta Vecchia offers extraordinary views of the Tyrrhenian Sea or the villa’s immaculately preserved gardens. Never before has the melding of 15th and 17th century art and antiquity blended so smoothly with modern day amenities as happens in the guest accommodations at La Posta Vecchia. The entire property evokes a sense of stepping back in time to the era when being invited to the villa as a guest of the Prince was a privilege and a memorable treasure.

With a clear understanding of the importance of Roman history, the past and current owners of La Posta Vecchia have created and curated a Museum on the property. Immerse yourself in Alsium and Etruscan artefacts and architecture, and appreciate how the culture of the region transitioned into the Rome we view today.

To experience the real Rome, travellers must taste the flavours of Italy. At The Cesar Restaurant in La Posta Vecchia a magical surprise awaits each guest in every delicious bite prepared by Chef Michelino Gioia. Yet another blending has occurred at this opulent villa with the combination of traditional Roman flavours highlighted and presented with a contemporary zeal. Enhance your dining experience with a private candlelight dinner in the La Posta Vecchia Museum.

Guests receive the utmost in personalized attention at the Health and Beauty Club at La Posta Vecchia. Offering an array of body treatment rituals, massages and facials, the Spa is only available for one guest or one couple at a time. Indulge in the superb service and priority attention that every VIP guest deserves.

To acquire a feel for Roman life, you must live like the Romans, and more importantly play like the Romans. As such, La Posta Vecchia offers an exciting number of experiences and excursions. On the luscious property you may enjoy the Beach Club, play tennis, and attend Cooking Master Classes. The area offers many choices for water sports, golf as well as horseback riding. Speak to the concierge and a tour of Rome by air or a trip through the Lazio winery region will add to your Roman experience.

La Posta Vecchia provides options for destination packages including gourmet, romance, and Spring inclusive collections. The property provides stunning facilities for meetings and weddings, or any group event you may have planned. Experience the nobility and refinement of the 17th century Roman Empire while devouring your fill of gastronomic delight. Wake each morning to spectacular Mediterranean views and allow yourself to be treated and pampered as only a true Roman knows how.

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