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L’AND Vineyards

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L’AND Vineyards is the next best thing to come from a vineyard

The city of Evora affords guests, a far slower pace of life than neighbouring Lisbon or Algarve. However, while the townspeople tend to appreciate a more leisurely existence, this doesn’t mean that the city is not teeming with lively activities and atmosphere. This divergence is seen yet again through the extreme blending of cultures throughout the region, including Roman, Medieval, Neolithic and Arab influences. At the famous L’AND Vineyards, further surprises await guests who are expecting to see a Portugal that is antiquated.

The Appreciation of Viticulture

The personality of the L’AND Vineyards is entrenched in the culture of oenology. Viniculture and viticulture are equally important to the region’s identity, and is thoroughly exemplified at the hotel’s redolent vineyard. As such, guests will gain the experience and education related to all things wine, through the L’AND Wine club and winery tours. Broaden your appreciation and love of rich ‘vinhos tintos’ and sparkling ‘vinhos brancos’ during one of the many wine tastings that are also available.

Suites with the Sweetest Views and Experiences

It may be hard to choose which of the 22 suites suits your fancy. Guests will enjoy the L’AND View Suites, with their massive living spaces, romantic outdoor fireplaces, and views of the gardens and lake. These suites offer 2 secluded patios and an extra room for larger groups. Those who wish to indulge in a peaceful night under the stars will adore the Sky View Suites. Retaining the same splendour as their companions, each Sky View Suite has a retractable roof, making it easier than ever to dream beneath the celestial sky.

Guests of the L’AND Vineyards are afforded numerous luxury experiences. Learn about the local grape varieties from terroir to table through the proffered courses and wine tastings. Escape on a magical hot air balloon over the Alentejo plains for the most magnificent views of the region. For the ultimate Evora thrill, allow the concierge to book an exciting parachute jump for your group.

Divine Relaxation and Dining Thanks to the Grape

The L’AND Vineyards affords each guest the opportunity to relish in complete tranquility at the famed Vinotherapie Spa by Caudalie. Savour the many grape centric spa treatments available, including the celebrated Crushed Cabernet Scrub. Relax in the heated pool or sauna and become intoxicated by the fabulous organic treatments that the Spa offers.

The L’AND Restaurant provides exceptional gastronomic delights from only the freshest seasonal and regional ingredients. With a constant eye on epicurean innovations of the traditional Portuguese dishes, the L’AND Restaurant will amaze the senses time after time. To complete your experience, allow the staff to suggest an appropriate wine pairing for each delicious course or meal.

At the L’AND Vineyards guests have the privilege of becoming ‘one with wine’. Learn to appreciate the land, the vine and the supple grapes that make each bottle, as well as each night in Evora so incredibly special.


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