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Las Alamandas

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Las Alamandas, the tropical shores of a joyous hotel

The Pacific Ocean has slowly eroded the western coast of Mexico into a vast string of white beaches, separated by picturesque rocky headlands. Where the Mexican states of Jalisco, Colmina, Nayarit, and Michoacan come down to meet the ocean, the Costalegre, or the Happy Coast, welcomes visitors to a tropical land of warm water and excellent weather. Here you will find the beautiful hideaway and bespoke travel resort Las Alamandas, at the southern end of Jalisco’s shores, so isolated from the cares of the world that the hotel’s private airstrip is the best way to reach the place. In its glorious solitude, Las Alamandas offers its guests some of the most romantic resort experiences in the world.

An eco-friendly way to enjoy luxury

Las Alamandas is the creation of Isabel Goldsmith-Patiño, who took a family inheritance and created one of the world’s first eco-touring resorts with bespoke services. The hotel is situated on one of the great white beaches of the Costalegre, halfway between the village of Perula and the beautiful Chalacatapatec Lagoon. With sixteen suites and villas offering luxury accommodations, the hotel welcomes lovers and families with a wide array of bespoken services. Las Alamandas features its own orchard, garden, and tiliapia fish farm, allowing it to provide sustainable dining, and guests are welcome to join biologist Marisela Mazareno on bespoke tours of the area. You may observe the birdlife of the nearby lagoon, or support the activities of the Turtle Preservation programme, which serves the endangered species of turtles that lay eggs on the nearby beaches. A journey to Las Alamandas is a genuine ecological exploration of a unique region.

The choices of the costalegre

With the entire Pacific Ocean at your disposal, your bespoke experience of Las Alamandas can feature a wide variety of water sports and activities. The resort will gladly arrange for boating excursions, and the waters of the area are renowned for their red snapper and sea bass deep sea catches. Closer to the hotel grounds, swimming and surfing can be enjoyed every day, along with kayaking on the lagoon. The hotel can easily provide picnics and other exploration of the beautiful Lookout Point, the great headland near the beach. And what could be more romantic for couple than a leisurely horseback ride along the beaches and trails of Las Alamandas as the sun goes down?

A perfect day on a tropical bay

A day trip to the nearby El Tamarindo golf course may be the best part of the journey for some guests, while others may prefer a personally tailored excursion to nearby Isla Pajareras, where you can snorkel on the soft white beaches. When you return to the resort, a visit to Las Alamandas’s spa facilities will be the perfect way to revive in time for the gourmet cuisine, provided by the from the hotel’s restaurant, the Oasis. Be sure to visit the rooftop bar, the Estrella Azul, the Blue Star, before the end of your journey. The experience of cocktails and music in the warm night air, as surf roars in the background, is one of the finest luxury experiences that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Las Alamandas - Mexico - Presidencial Suite Jacuzzi by NightLas Alamandas - Mexico - BeachLas AlamandasLas Alamandas - Mexico - Green AreaLas Alamandas - Mexico - Night Estrella Azul BarLas Alamandas - Mexico - Lake TourLas Alamandas - Mexico - Presidencial Suite TerraceLas Alamandas - Mexico - Beachfront PalapaLas-Alamandas-Mexico-Isabel-King-SuiteLas Alamandas - Mexico - Presidencial Suite Living RoomLas-Alamandas-Mexico-Presidential-Suite-ViewLas Alamandas - Mexico - Candlelight table for two at Oasis RestaurantLas Alamandas - Mexico - Alamandas PoolLas Alamandas - Mexico - Alamandas PalapaLas Alamandas - Mexico - Terrace PresidentialLas-Alamandas-Mexico-CourtyardLas Alamandas - Mexico - San Isidro 2 JacuzziLas Alamandas - Mexico - Terrace View from Casa del Sol PlayaLas Alamandas - Mexico - Casa Isabel Master Splash PoolLas-Alamandas-Mexico-Presidential-View

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