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Leobo Private Reserve

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Leobo Private Reserve, a vacation out of the ordinary

Leobo Private Reserve is surrounded by the dramatic and malaria-free Waterberg Mountains of Northern South Africa. With phenomenal views, funky architecture and utterly luxurious interiors, it will undoubtedly take your breath away.

The lodge is the brainchild of Rory Sweet, a British IT specialist who had the home designed as his family’s getaway cottage. But when they’re not using it, why not rent it out to others? The only catch? The others have to be up for the crazy sort of activities that Sweet designed.

Your Own Private Place

There will never be any guests other than the ones you managed to drag along with you. Leobo Private Reserve is, quite frankly, private. It is rented out exclusively, meaning to one group at a time. From a couple on their honeymoon to a group of up to 18 people, Leobo Private Reserve is an escape to the calming serenity of the African bush. Or at least to its adventure.

The house, which was designed by the famous husband and wife team Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, rests on a 20,000 acre private estate. The only ones around are you, your family, your friendly staff, and a loveable crocodile named Stevie.

The house, or Observatory as it is known, is a masterpiece and beautifully designed in Rech and Carsten’s signature style, combining stunning architecture with local flavour. Floor to ceiling windows provide guests with unhindered views of the bush outside. A private pool, a Jacuzzi, and a hippo-skeleton chandelier all add up for one fun and unique experience.


On the upper floor at the Leobo Private Reserve is an award-winning observatory. A circular dome with a high-powered telescope lets guests view the incredible beauty of constellations in the clear night sky. Of course, it just would not be like Leobo Private Reserve to not have something fun cooked up, so fancy spacesuits are available for guests to wear while observing the stars.

Beneath the observatory is a circular library, filled with books and an open fireplace. It is the perfect place to explore obscure facts or curl up with a good book.

Now that you’ve gotten up close with the stars, take a night safari ride out into the bush with a local astronomer, Dr. Phil Calcot. You will learn about all of the constellations and planets visible from the clear open sky.

Up For Anything

The staff at Leobo Private Reserve is friendly and well trained. There is no set schedule of activities or meals, so they are ready to help you achieve whatever you dream of doing. If you want to go out and explore while the kids stay at the pool, the staff will take care of them so you are free to adventure.

Whatever you imagine doing, ask about it. They already have a pet crocodile and hippo-skeleton chandelier. Try and come up with something they are not willing to do. Just try.


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