Lysebu Hotel

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The Lysebu Hotel in Norway is a graceful mansion behind cabin doors

The old Norwegian capital city of Oslo lays out in a wide valley at the northern end of long fjord of deep blue ocean water, and this valley is surrounded on all sides by the vast Scandinavian forest and mountains of Norway. To the northwest, the city and its suburbs of the Vestre Aker district run up against the hills of the Holmenkollen neighbourhood. The forest takes over here, and in the winter the city of Oslo flood up to the area for winter sports. Among the forest of Tryvannshøyden Hill, you can find the Lysebu Hotel, a creation of the Danish-Norwegian Cooperaiton Fund, and a grand and luxurious five star estate. When Norwegians received food supplies from the Danish people during World War II, a grateful nation presented Denmark with the gift of the Lysebu estate, designed by architect Markus Poulson. Poulson drew on traditional Norwegian motifs and materials and created a classic countryside estate in the hills above Oslo.

Today, conferences of all kinds, with frequent and friendly exchanges between Danish and Norwegian delegates, are a regular event at the well-prepared Lysebu. Casual visitors will enjoy the easy access to both the Nordmarka forests and hills on the estate, as well as the 20-minute subway trip to lively downtown Oslo, provided by a Metro station just a few minutes walk from the estate. The Lysebu can provide bespoken introductions to the Holmenkollen neighbourhood and the Holmenkollbakken, an Olympic ski jump, which in the summer is open to visitors who can enjoy the view at the top for a distance of thirty miles on a clear day.

Comfort in the Hills Above the City

The Lysebu features 85 guestrooms, which are graded into 21 single rooms, 28 eight doubles, as well as 36 suites. Although the exterior of the Lysebu promises a rustic farm life, the interior is a classic and sleek modern facility, predominantly following a cream and brown theme, although splash of colour pop up in several upgraded suites. In some areas and rooms of the Lysebu, works of art from the Henie Onstad art centre, always blending Danish and Norwegian artists together, are place on permanent display. All guests are welcome to enjoy the large fitness centre, which includes a sauna, gym, and changing room, as well as the large heated indoor pool, just over sixteen meters in length. Your Concierge will be glad to arrange personal fitness training and massages on a bespoken basis.

Striving and Thriving in Oslo’s Norwegian Forests

With subway rides making downtown Oslo so easy to reach, the guests of the Lysebu should consider the entire city as part of their itinerary. Bespoken tours of the region can be designed with the help of your concierge, and the museums and nightlife of the city are completely within your grasp. If you are interested in winter sports or summertime biking expeditions, just to the north of the Lysebu lies the Oslo Vinterpark, a ski resort with slopes for all levels of skill, and the Nordmarka Forest, great for hiking and biking in the summer, or cross-country skiing in the winter. When you need to refresh and refuel, a fine dining event at the Lysebu will be exactly right. The Lysebu Restaurant, operated by Chef Rico Rasmussen, has a large and glorious wine cellar available, and features a strong emphasis on Nordic traditions. The Lysebu Food Theatre can provide hours of enjoyment for those guests who wish to learn the secrets of master chefs. All the luxuries of Norway are at your disposal when you come to the Lysebu, and the hotel will tirelessly strive to provide you with joyful memories of your time in the hills of Holmenkollen.


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