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Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

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Mandarin Oriental Marrakech offers the ultimate Moroccan escape

The Atlas Mountains are named for the Greek Titan who carried the world on his shoulders, and the Greeks considered them the edge of the known world. These mountains now rise above the modern nation of Morocco and the outstanding five-star hotel, the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech, located just a mile from the centre of the old bazaar city of Marrakech. This is a city that is prospering at a nexus of three cultures, with European and Arabic cultures melding together on the African landscape at the northwestern edge of the Sahara. With more than 20 hectares of lush gardens surrounding it and the excellent Royal Golf Club sitting close at hand, the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech is a magnet for those travelers seeking exciting bespoke explorations of new worlds, all in a setting of luxury and lavish comfort.

An Exquisite Desert Oasis

With the fronds of date palms circling round the estate, the Mandarin Oriental features an amazing melding of Western amenities and Saharan oasis ambience. The estate offers a total of 61 suites, villas, and penthouse options, and these are all centered round the lush pools at the center of the complex. In the distance, the minarets of Marrakech stand tall at sunset, and the gardens create a peaceful scent of greenery everywhere. The various guestrooms of the hotel are all decorated in the distinct Moroccan style that includes the motifs of Arabic Andalusia, the great civilization of nearby Spain that influence so much of Western science. The walls are of Moroccan tadelahkt, a plaster strong as cement but with the texture of seamless smooth stone, and the décor features many accents based on the culture of the Berber people, such as the hand-made rugs from the city of Rabat. For visiting families, you can be assured of considerate treatments at the hotel, and a quick consultation with your concierge will provide you with extensive babysitting services, including children’s menus and activity programs during school holidays. Any stay at the Mandarin Oriental should also include some time at the Spa and Wellness Center, a huge facility with private gardens and treatment rooms, two hammams (one for women and one for men), an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and one Thai treatment room.

The Berber Lands Beneath the Mountains

In the nearby countryside of Morocco, the Atlas Mountains look down on Berber villages filled with rustic life. The concierges at the Mandarin Oriental will be glad to arrange bespoke tours of the area, including trips to the local souk, or marketplace, of Marrakech. The Saadian Tombs await those visitors with interests in local history of the Saad Dynasty of Moroccan kings, and many of the local teahouses serve refreshing meals on the roofs, providing a scenic view of the city and snowcapped peaks in the distance. Upon your return to the Mandarin Oriental, enjoy a fine exemplar of Moroccan cuisine at the Mes’Lalla, where chef Meryem Cherkaoui creates a magnificent fusion of Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors. The estate also features the elegant Le Salon Berbere in the lounge area, and the Pool Garden offers al fresco dining. All of these opulent enjoyments are a part of the Mandarin Oriental experience for bespoke travelers, and you can expect your stay to provide the most exciting and pleasurable memories of all your journeys.

Mandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Royal SuiteMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - EntranceMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Oriental Pöol Villa - LoungeMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Oriental Pöol VillaMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Spa HammamMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - WalkwayMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Le Salon BerbèreMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Spa PoolMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Mandrin Pool Villa - BedroomMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - DuskMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - RestaurantMandarin Oriental Marrakech - Morocco - Day

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