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Mara River Tented Camp

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Mara River Tented Camp is an astonishing place with fabulous views

There is a river in Africa, called the Mara, where the animals come to drink. Near this river there are graceful tents established by Singita Lodges, which offer you the most comfortable and inspiring camping experience. This is the Mara Tented Camp, located in the northern part of Tanzania, near the Kenyan border, and part of the great and renowned Serengeti National Park.

Singita strives to incorporate ecological concerns into all of its safari offerings, and the Mara River Tented Camp incorporates this principle beautifully. On-site solar panels provide the power, and the camp is filled with motifs borrowed from the Maasai people, who have lived in this savannah for centuries. From the comfort of the camp’s sundeck, you can enjoy the epic view of the great African grasslands, as vast herds meander across the rolling landscape at your feet.

Taking the Path to Wonder

During your stay at the Mara River Tented Camp, you’ll be able to tour the area on our daily game drives. 4X4 vehicles will carry you through the bushlands, and you will be sure to have some awe-inspiring wildlife encounters. If you prefer the evening air and moonlight, you can also go on a drive during the evenings. For the more active travellers, safari hikes are made available as well, arranged at your request. One of the highlights of the Mara River Camp is the annual migration of the huge wildebeest herds. Occurring after the calving season is done, the power of a hundred thousand animals in motion is a truly inspiring spectacle. Carefully planned expeditions near the river will give you to the unique opportunity to see African crocodiles and the herds of hippopotamus.

Relaxing in a Rugged Sort of Comfort

At the Mara River Tented Camp, Singita has organized a camping experience that offers a blend of comfort and simplicity that can be described as bohemian chic. Your tents will be warm in the cool nights, and there is a plunge style of swimming pool at the camp’s central sundeck. Meals are prepared by some of the most talented chefs, featuring fine new African wines. There is no television to bring the noise of civilization into this wilderness, and the quiet of the savannah can lull you into the deep sleep you were craving for. Singita also offers spa services at Mara River, which can be arranged with your hosts at your convenience. Children are welcome at the camp, and special game drives and other activities are easy to organize to make it more entertaining.

Preparing for an Unforgettable Experience

When you visit the Mara River Tented Camp, you journey far from civilization. Located miles away from towns and roads, your safari experience will truly return you to the rough ecological cycles of nature, yet you will be able to relax and live in comfort and ease in this wild place. Bring your camera and capture the memories of a real natural wilderness untouched by technology.

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