Masseria Cimino - Italy

Masseria Cimino

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Masseria Cimino is a dream for passionate golfers

Masseria Cimino is a fortified farmhouse with a tower dating back to the 18th century.  The Masseria was built just meters away from the sea, adjacent to the archaeological site where the ruins of the Ancient Roman city of Egnatia, founded in the 6th century B.C., were discovered.

Masseria Cimino is surrounded by expanses of vegetable gardens and century old olive groves.  The Masseria is stood at the centre of an important agricultural estate, and is specialized in the cultivation and the preservation of fruit and vegetables.  Selection, pressing, packing, and storage were all carried out in the farm’s various outbuildings.  In 2001, on the land surrounding the Masseria, the San Domenico Golf Club was built, a spectacular 18-hole professional golf course overlooking the sea.  In 2005, the Masseria Cimino was completely refurbished.

From the first hole of the San Domenico golf course, one can already catch a glimpse of a red tower in the distance, which stands out against the intense blue of the sky and the sea that surrounds it.  Great care was taken to preserve the original architectural features, building materials, and colours of the old farmhouse.

The Masseria boasts 15 beautifully apppointed rooms, some of which are located in the ancient tower and others in the old farmhouse, which has just recently been unearthed and which form part of the slaves’ dwellings in the ancient city of Egnatia.  The walls of this ancient city form part of the boundaries of this charming property.

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