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Adventure is ever present at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen

Denmark has evolved into a beautiful country of farms, finance and high technology, but at one time it was the home of Viking kings and their longboat warriors. That seafaring history endowed Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen with a busy and thriving port, and today the city enjoys a booming tourism industry. One particularly popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens. Denmark is the nation that invented the amusement park, with the first evolving from a spa in the Copenhagen suburb of Klampenburg. The second amusement park in the world was the Tivoli Gardens, constructed by entrepreneur Georg Carstensen in the heart of the city, in 1843. Today, Tivoli is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, and it is also the location of the five-star boutique Nimb Hotel, usually called the Nimb.

Named for restaurateurs and sisters Henriette and Serina Nimb, who established the hotel in 1909, the Nimb took on its current incarnation after necessary renovations in 2008. Today, the Nimb features an almost abstract façade on the west, along the busy Bernstorffsgade Boulevard, while on the eastern side of the building, the styling of a Moorish palace are revived, and guests can relax on a beautiful terrace balcony that overlooks the Gardens. All of the guests of the Nimb receive free admittance to Tivoli Gardens, and the hotel also offers visitors a connection to its partner hotel in the countryside of Denmark, the Holckenhavn Castle; the Concierge will be glad to discuss the options for visiting the castle with you. Nimb staff will be glad to assist you in assembling a schedule for bespoken tours of Copenhagen, as well as guidance to the city’s neighbourhoods and attractions.

Luxurious Comforts in the Gardens

A true boutique facility, Nimb offers its guests a total of seventeen rooms, which are categorized in six types. Twelve of the accommodations are suites, and every one of them is designed with unique features and styling. Almost all of them feature open fireplaces with birch wood, and several have balconies that overlook the Tivoli Gardens. Room 14 is the single double room in the hotel. Butler service is available for all rooms, and children and dogs are welcome at the hotel; after all, how could any hotel at the Tivoli turn away kids? You will be able to explore and enjoy the gardens at no charge throughout your stay at Nimb, and you can also enjoy the hotel’s separate restaurant at the centre of the Gardens, the Nimb Terrasse, operated in conjunction with the hotel’s own Fru Nimb Restaurant in the hotel proper. With over a thousand labels in its vaults, the Vinotek is Nimb’s deeply stocked wine cellar, offering wine tastings each day in the evening, and stocking Nimb’s bar and all of its dining establishments.

Searching for the Best of Copenhagen

The Cconciergeof Nimb will eagerly arrange everything necessary for your exploration of Copenhagen, as well as the surrounding environment. The icon of the city, the sculpture of the Little Mermaid stands near the heart of a beautiful city filled with museums, palaces, and neighbourhoods filled with charm. A guided tour of the city can be put together very easily, and chartered boats for rides on the many canals and lakes are also available. When you return to Nimb with an appetite, a visit to the hotel’s flagship restaurant, the Fru Nimb, will be perfect for refreshing and recharging your body. The menu is hearty and places a delight spotlight on the classic Danish dish, the open-faced sandwich, along with a robust selection for beef and pork entrees. Your visit to Copenhagen should be luxurious and memorable in the best way, and Nimb Hotel in the Tivoli Gardens will be glad to provide you with a wonderful Danish experience.

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