Ol Jogi

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Feel like part of the family at Ol Jogi in Kenya

A 45-minute private flight from Nairobi will bring you to the Ol Jogi Ranch, a 58,000 acre working cattle farm and Rhino conservation centre. Alex Wildenstein took over management of the farm when his father passed away in 2008 and his aim is to make you feel more like a guest and less like a tourist. Other than sensible precautions given to you by Ol Jogi staff you will have no restrictions put upon you. Night time safaris on horseback, drives and even walks can safely be undertaken.

Ol Jogi Ranch provides a sanctuary to approximately 60 endangered rhino. The entire ranch is surrounded by an innovative ring fencing system that has 16 areas that won’t allow the rhino through but will allow other species to migrate freely back and forth.

Feel like part of the family

Although the décor is elegant and full of stunning antiques, the atmosphere is much more comfortable than grand. The seven guest houses were individually designed and are filled with furniture and treasures that were in the family’s own home so there’s no sense that you’re in a show or staged setting.

Stained glass windows showcase the animals but the picture windows in your accommodation will provide even better views of the wildlife as they wander past. Elephants, hippos, wildebeest, gazelles, birds of all description plus many other species will add to your enjoyment of this wondrous place.

From waterfalls and sculpted gardens to cosy reading areas there is something for everyone. Go horseback riding in the morning and have a luxurious spa treatment at night.

So Much to Do; You’ll Want More Time

There are so many activities available in the area you’ll never be bored for a moment. Feel like going for a walk with a baboon? No problem. Horse riding treks, game drives, bird watching, visiting the wildlife research centre and vet clinic and other activities will keep you busy throughout your stay.

In the house there is an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centre and yoga room plus library, there are board games as well and best of all, there’s a secret tunnel to take you to a viewing bunker where you can safely get up close to the wildlife. If you’d like to see Kenya by helicopter this can be arranged by appointment.

The Dining Experience

It tells a lot about the place when you know the staff have been there for decades and the French Chef, Sylvain Bel has been there since Alex’s grandfather’s time. The wonderful food is served on amazing custom made tableware but you don’t have to dress formally. After all, Al Jogi is now your home away from home.

The Driving Force Behind Ol Jogi

Conservation is behind everything that occurs at the Ranch. Wildlife conservation is a passion for Alex and the house and accommodations exist to provide financial support for the Rhino sanctuary. The safety of the Rhino is paramount and there is a strong security presence to deter would-be poachers. Rhino horn achieved astronomical prices now and poachers get ever more daring.

So long as there are people like Alex and his staff and a place like Ol Jogi Ranch there is hope that one day the endangered rhino and indeed, other endangered species, will once again flourish in Kenya.



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