Aleph Rome Hotel

Surprising, innovative, authentic and intimate, everything about the Aleph is inspired by individuality, which is evident the moment you step through our doors, with the first glimpse of green Cipollino marble and the first breath of its delightful, signature scent. More of the hotel’s story is revealed as soon as guests enter. Housed in

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Ponta Dos Ganchos

Ponta Dos Ganchos - Brazil - Aerial View

Along the southerly coast of Brazil, about halfway between Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires, where the weather is always warm and refreshing, lies the peninsula of Ganchos. This jutting piece of land, north of the old city of Florianopolis, is where you can find beautiful rocky headlands, tropical

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Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

Tierra Atacama - Chile

Situated on the site of a historical cattle corral, the architecture of the Tierra Atacama incorporates the original adobe walls. Surrounded by the Chilean desert, the lush gardens and artistically designed landscape offer an oasis amidst splendid scenery. The Oriente Room offers the ideal accommodations in a

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Schössle Hotel

Schlossle Hotel - Estonia - Entrance

The city of Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and a centre of a flourishing economy, as well as a proud Baltic culture. After decades of German and Soviet occupation, all of the Baltic republics have found a good measure of prosperity under their democratic lifestyles, and the old Hanseatic world, blending

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Palais Coburg

Palais Coburg Residenz - Austria - Marie Antoinette Stateroom

The empires of Europe well understood the meaning of glory, glamour, and luxury, none better than the nation of Austria during the 1800’s. This was the golden age of the great Vienna palaces, and this was time when the Palais Coburg Residenz became world renown for its glorious and

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Saxon Hotel

Saxon Hotel - South Africa - Terrace View

In the opulent suburb of Sandhurst, in the heart of Johannesburg, Saxon Hotel creates a sumptuous retreat in a ten-acre property graced by indigenous gardens. Awaiting guests at the end of a beautiful tree-lined avenue, the hotel’s breathtaking entrance with its magnificent chandelier, dazzling staircase, and rich collection of sculptures and

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The Pand Hotel

The Pand Hotel - Lounge

The city of Bruges is a beautiful place, filled with perfectly preserved medieval architecture and charming beyond all reason. The town has never been destroyed in wars, and its location on the sea trade routes between the Hanseatic cities and the south has always made it a good place to

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Playa Vik Jose Ignacio


South of Brazil, in the centre of South America’s eastern seaboard, the weather becomes beautifully temperate and the ocean washes ashore on sandy beaches that stretch for miles. This is where the nation of Uruguay stands, wedged between Brazil and Argentina, on a land

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