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Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park

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Locate Luxury in the Trees at Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park

The North Portugal region of Vila Pouca de Aguiar is home to the 20 hectare Pedras Salgadas Park. This natural kingdom resides in an area of the country that is renowned for its lush beauty, as well as its superior production of Port wines, honey and olive oils. In the centre of this resplendent authentic Portuguese forest is the Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park.

For centuries, the local inhabitants of the area have been relying on the healing properties of the waters that flow through the Pedras Salgadas Park. Officially recognized in 1873 for its holistic values, the park has become a popular destination for the nobility of Europe and beyond.

Environmental Inspiration

The exceptional accommodations at Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park were constructed with ecology, sustainability, and luxury as the primary concerns. Offering Eco Houses and Tree Houses, each guest space provides an Eco-friendly villa suite that seamlessly blends into the encompassing park. Giving the impression that these suites were simply grown from the surrounding land through their exterior facades stands in sharp contrast to the modern amenities and décor provided internally.

The Spa at the Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park is a prominent draw for travellers. Set in the heart of the park, and ensconced in a traditional Portuguese style building, the Spa offers the finest thermal baths and treatments in the area. Guests are encouraged to draw strength and revitalization from the natural healing waters, relax by the large heated pool, or indulge in one of many classic spa therapy treatments.

Casinos, Chapels and Creative Activities

As the Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park boasts a “natural retreat” ideal, it is not surprising that the owners provide spacious and elegantly adorned areas for special events. With a focus on weddings and baptisms, the park provides a gorgeous Casino building which offers a regal setting for a reception. The park also has its own intimate Chapel, for religious functions.

Additional activities proffered by Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park include the Casa de Cha restaurant, which is open seasonally, and the two impressive outdoor swimming pools. Each pool offers a Bar with classic drinks and snacks for guests of the park.

Excitement that is Second Nature

The area of Vila Pouca de Aguiar is brimming with exciting activities for tourists and locals alike. Through the Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park guests may plan ventures and adventures to a number of different nearby locales, including the Chaves Casino, Pena Aventura and GoOn Bike tours.

Guests who are seeking additional excitement will enjoy the collection of inclusive packages that the Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park offer. Whether your aim is romance, relaxation, or an escape from the burdens of life, there is a package waiting for you.

When the love of nature, the respect of holistic healing waters, and the effortless luxury of a 4 Star retreat are combined, guests receive the many pleasures that can only be found at the Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park.

Pedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Tree HousesPedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - SpaPedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - PoolPedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Eco House - BedroomPedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Tree House - EntrancePedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Spa - SaunaPedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Tree HousePedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Spa - PoolPedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Eco House - LoungePedras Salgadas Spa Nature Park - Lake


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