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Perivolas Hideaway

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Perivolas Hideaway, an Oasis of Mediterranean Luxury and Greek Opulence in Santorini

Combing the ultimate concepts of luxury boutique accommodation and private island exclusivity, the Perivolas Hideaway offers guests a hidden sanctuary in the heart of Santorini. Surrounded by the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea, and nestled under the brilliant Mediterranean sun, guests of this extraordinary hideaway will feel like royalty while on holiday.

The Ideal Location for a Hideaway

Located on one of the fabulous volcanic islands of Santorini, Theresia is a hidden gem in the Aegean Sea. The Perivolas Hideaway was painstakingly carved into the foot of a cliff, and rests precariously close to the tranquil Greek waters. While the estate is not the only property on the island, its clever position lends to a feeling of complete solitude and seclusion.

The hideaway itself contains four bedrooms and five bathrooms, ideal for a travelling family or small group. While the exterior of the Perivolas Hideaway is a consummate study in architecture and stonework, the interior was designed to evoke a serene and calming sense of peace. Natural elements are omnipresent throughout the design philosophy of the hideaway, with the uses of hardwood and stone. Many of the walls and a majority of the upholstery and linens within the property are white, allowing the natural beauty of the region to become the true showcase through each window.

The concept of the Perivolas Hideaway is gloriously simple, with a sole focus on privacy and supreme luxury. Far from the concept of a hotel, or even a vacation rental, the owners of the estate wish guests to feel that they are staying in a home away from home.

Services Befitting the Royal and Elite Traveller

The amenities and services rendered by the staff of the Perivolas Hideaway are simply incredible. Guests will desire for nothing while staying on the property. Items to look forward to include a spectacular outdoor terrace, the perfect paradise for lounging and dining. The hideaway also proffers immediate private access to the quiescent private beach.

The host and owner of the Perivolas Hideaway strives to provide a destination that is fully stocked with the amenities of home. Guests will find everything on site from board games to toiletries, a movie library to an open bar. Each room is air conditioned, and every space offers state of the art technologies. The refrigerator is stocked each day, to ensure that guests do not have to worry about their meals, and there are a number of water sport vehicles and supplies merely waiting to be used.

The staff of the Perivolas Hideaway are numerous, yet incredibly discrete. A housekeeper is on hand every hour to ensure that the hideaway stays pristinely beautiful and all laundering needs are met. The owner of the property will act as your personal holiday assistant, an elite mixture of personal assistant and concierge. The personal chef and bartender are always on hand to see to your culinary needs, while porters await your word for an immediate transfer to Santorini or beyond.

Perivolas Hideaway - Main Building & Port by NightPerivolas Hideaway - Outdoor Pool with a viewPerivolas Hideaway - Lounge & Living RoomPerivolas Hideaway - Private Port (2)Perivolas Hideaway - Entrance to the BathroomPerivolas Hideaway - Indoor BathtubPerivolas Hideaway - Outdoor Dining with a ViewPerivolas Hideaway - Outdoor Pool perfectly intograted into NaturePerivolas Hideaway - Hidden into the MountainPerivolas Hideaway - BedroomPerivolas Hideaway - Outdoor PoolPerivolas Hideaway - Main Building & PortPerivolas Hideaway - Bedroom with Sitting Area in the face of the rockPerivolas Hideaway - Outdoor Pool with a view (2)

Photo credits: Enrique Menossi and Rosa Minano

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