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Discover the authentic Florence with Portrait Firenze

Steeped in the rich culture and affluent history of Florence, “the Athens of the Middle Ages,” Portrait Firenze beckons travellers to luxuriously comfortable rooms that offer stunning views of the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio, one of Italy’s oldest and most charming bridges. One of the jewels in the Lugarno Collection of outstanding Italian hotels, Portrait Firenze celebrates haute couture behind a charming facade evocative of a townhouse.

In Praise of Haute Couture

The hotel’s elegant rooms, designed by celebrated architect Michele Bönan, integrate classical elements with contemporary comforts to recreate the nostalgia of bygone eras, epitomized in the black and white portrait photographs strewn throughout the rooms. Carrara marble, lush fabrics, and smooth woods are some of the hotel’s distinguishing features, prevalent throughout the rooms, whether you choose the 49 m² studio deluxe overlooking the Arno, or the 85 m² Prestige suite, which incorporates a living area with a massive fireplace.

Your Own Lifestyle Expert

The hotel’s perfect location in Florence’s most desirable quarter makes it a convenient starting point for incursions into some of the city’s trademark areas, including Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio, where some of the city’s best cafes, spas, and stores await you. One of the highlights at Portrait Firenze is the Lifestyle Team, which can create unique, personalized itineraries during your stay, including private tours, shopping assistance, photo journeys through the city, and easy booking for the best tables in the best restaurants in town – in other words, a veritable portrait of you that faithfully reflects your interests.

Fine Italian Food

Guests at Portrait Firenze can enjoy the hotel’s own Caffe dell’Oro, a salon with kitchen, where they can dine in bistro style, discovering authentic Italian flavors in a charming setting with beautiful views over Ponte Vechhio. More than relishing the country’s traditional cuisine, here you can discover vibrant reinterpretations of essential dishes from different regions of Italy, not just Tuscany, all of them the creations of starred chef Peter Brunel.

Exclusivity & Style

Exclusivity is a key word at Portrait Firenze. From discounts to the nearby White Iris Beauty Spa and the Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques, run by the same family who owns the hotel, to quick access to the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum that celebrates one of Italy’s most influential shoe designers, the complementary services offered by the hotel know how to make guests feel special.

For travellers in search of something more than elegance, luxury, and comfort, Portrait Firenze offers a deeply nourishing journey into the heart of one of Italy’s most appreciated cities, while at the same time creating a peaceful retreat right into the heart of it. The golden reflections of the Ponte Vecchio in the Arno river at night, or the water’s quiet murmur in the morning, are only two excuses to stop by at Portrait Firenze, if only for a night.


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