Principe di Salina

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Principe di Salina, the jewel of Salina Island

Principe di Salina is a gem of Salina Island located north of Sicily. This beautiful Italian oasis is a 5-star boutique hotel that has been run by the same family for decades. Their dedication to preserving the authentic charm of this Mediterranean getaway can be seen throughout this small and stylish resort. Each of the rooms features minimalist white-washed aesthetics with colorful accents that add a touch of distinct Italian heritage.

The Principe di Salina boutique hotel has 12 rooms that are divided into three categories. Superior rooms, as their name suggests, offer the best of this unique Mediterranean oasis. They take up the top floor of the hotel providing stunning views of the neighboring islands of Panarea and Stromboli. Each Superior room has a private terrace where you can enjoy majestic sunsets over the Aeolian Sea. And their interior is embellished by carefully selected details of natural materials.

Exceptional cuisine is another thing that makes this hotel stand apart from the rest. The restaurant prepares a custom-made menu which combines flavorful Mediterranean dishes with healthy locally-sourced ingredients. You can have lunch or dinner by the poolside but your visit wouldn’t be complete without family-style dinner at the dining room that overlooks the breathtaking island landscape.

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