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Saffire Freycinet

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Discover the untamed beauty of Tasmania with Saffire Freycinet

The Australasian continent plays host to some remarkable tourist destinations. The natural beauty of countries like Australia and New Zealand is perfectly complemented by the urban metropolis that have sprung up over the years. However, there are many other wonders that the continent has to offer for those who want to wander off the beaten track. The stunning country of Tasmania is one of them.

Tasmania has a culture steeped in rich Aboriginal history, with records demonstrating that the indigenous people of the region have existed for more than 35,000 years. Beyond that the country is also home to some truly amazing scenery the likes of which few other countries are able to offer.

Saffire Freycinet aims to combine this natural beauty with stunningly luxurious suites offering truly remarkable views and a level of comfort that is sure that satisfy anybody who wishes to simply get away from it all.

The Suites

Saffire Freycinet offers a range of suites, each of which offers something a little bit different. The Luxury Suites, as the name implies, are stunningly decorated with furniture and fittings developed directly from Tasmanian timber. Featuring an array of traditional design choices, these suites offer stunning views and plentiful relaxation room so guests can soak in the world around them.

For those looking for a little more Saffire Freycinet also offers a range of signature suites that feature additional space, making them perfect for larger families, in addition to an amazing view of the fabled Great Oyster Bay.

Finally the company also offers an option for those who want to feel truly pampered with their Private Pavilions. With a complementary mini-bar featuring fine French champagne and a range of amenities including a private courtyard, a plunge pool and an optional in-house chef, the Pavilions are ideal for those who simply want to escape from the world for a while.

All suites at the Saffire Freycinet also come equipped with a range of modern trappings, including Wi-Fi, high definition televisions and a gorgeous dining area, ensuring that no matter how far you are from home you’re never too far away from your home comforts.

The Hotel

Moving away from the suites, the hotel also offers an impressive range of facilities and experiences that are open to all of the guests. A beautiful spa area contains specialist therapists who are able to devise and implement a treatment plan that can last for the duration of your stay, helping guests relax and relieve the stresses of the modern world.

Saffire Freycinet also plays host to a wide range of excursions, with a mix of complementary and paid trips available. You can choose not to spend a penny and still enjoy archery, wine tasting and get to meet the extraordinary Tasmanian Devil. Alternatively you can spend a little extra and enjoy a spectacular trip in the Freycinet National Park that can last anywhere between one hour and an entire day.

With stunning views, amazing local scenery and a range of suites that do full justice to the word “luxury”, Saffire Freycinet aims to ensure all of its guests enjoy every moment they spend with them while absorbing as much or as little of Tasmanian culture as they desire.

Saffire Freycinet - Couple lounging in the privacy of their room with spectacular viewsSaffire Freycinet - Couple enjoying a private boating excursion and landing on deserted beachSaffire Freycinet - Soaking in a beautiful bathrub with viewSaffire Freycinet - Couple enjoying a hike with view over the baySaffire Freycinet - Enjoying the outdoor cooking on the grill by the ChefSaffire Freycinet - Unique experience of standing in the water to enjoy nature's gifts at its bestSaffire Freycinet - Striking architecture of the main building in the sunsetSaffire Freycinet - Couple enjoying a kayak experienceSaffire Freycinet - Beautiful room in two levels boasting spectacular viewsSaffire Freycinet - Lounge with a view

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