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Secret Bay

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Secret Bay, a Caribbean adventure you won’t forget

Secret Bay, as its name suggests, is located on a secluded area of the beautiful island of Dominica in the West Indies and a ten minute kayak ride will take you to one of the longest, most deserted beaches of the island, Prince Rupert Bay.

Secret Bay is located on a clifftop with magnificent ocean views and it has access to two swimming beaches. The villas have been designed to make the most of their fabulous location while minimizing their impact on the environment. All offer spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and rainforest covered mountains.

The Management at Secret Bay believe in putting their guests first and the numerous positive reviews prove that this is a winning formula. Service at Secret Bay is unobtrusive but impeccable, with the friendly and efficient staff always available to accommodate your every need.

Dominica is one of the largest Caribbean islands but remains the least populated, largely due to its undulating terrain. Dominica is known as the Nature Island because of the number of rivers, volcanoes, mountains, hot springs and plethora of beaches. The island has been given UNESCO World Heritage status and is home to species that are extinct on neighboring islands.

The climate is tropical and the regular, short showers are a precursor to impressive rainbows. Dominica means Sunday in Latin and, as Christopher Columbus discovered the island on a Sunday he named the island Dominica.

Music is very important on the island with festivals taking part throughout the year including the World Creole Music Festival in October, a festival rapidly gaining in popularity.

Magical Honeymoon Villas

Secret Bay boasts 3 honeymoon villas, The Zabucu Villas. Not only for honeymooners, the villas are suitable for all romantic occasions. Private and secluded the Zabucu is also known as the Bwa Bande tree; renowned in Dominica for its aphrodisiac qualities.

The owners were orginally going to build their dream home in the exact spot where first Zabucu was guilt, the start of Secret Bay. This villa is closest to Tibay Beach and you have a panoramic view from all sides of the cliff and out to the sea.

Both of the other two honeymoon suites are exactly the same as the original and also raised to enjoy the spectacular sea views. All the villas are built to the same specifications with 180 degree views. Floors and furniture are made of beautiful rich woods by local craftsmen.

In your villa you will find binoculars, bird reference books, umbrella, raincoats and a picnic basket. Attendants prepare meals to order.

Service Personally for You

Secret Bay prides itself on the personalized service it offers, from being able to pick your own mattress and pillows to choosing what you want to eat for every meal.

You might be very much off the beaten track but strong WiFi is available and on arrival you’re given your own personal iPhone loaded with all the local numbers you might need.

There is so much to do at Secret Bay you’ll have to plan your trip carefully to ensure you can do everything you want to do. All in all you can expect a dream vacation in a dream location.

Secret Bay - Dominica - Honeymoon VillaSecret Bay - Dominica - Aerial OceanSecret Bay - Dominica - Honeymoon Villa TerraceSecret Bay - Dominica - Mapou BungalowSecret Bay - Dominica - Honeymoon Villa ViewSecret Bay - Dominica - Zing Zing Villa TerraceSecret Bay - Dominica - Honeymoon Villa BedroomSecret Bay - Dominica - AerialSecret Bay - Dominica - Zing Zing Villa RoomSecret Bay - Dominica - Zing Zing Villa OutdoorSecret Bay - Dominica - Aerial View VillasSecret Bay - Dominica - Honeymoon Villa Indoor

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