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Singita Lebombo Lodge

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Singita Lebombo Lodge invokes unforgettable experiences in the heart of South Africa

Kruger National Park in South Africa is an amazing park. This park is home to the Lebombo Lodge, the Singita corporation’s riverside hotel. Offering luxurious appointments in a true wilderness, the Lebombo places its guests in the center of an oceanic veldt. Situated alongside the N’wanetsi River, the Lebombo stands astride a rugged hillock, a rise that offers views in all directions, stretching away for miles. The architects of the Lebombo, inspired by the nests of the eagles that live in the cliffs along the river, incorporated these natural forms into the design of the hotel, with angular wood and steel giving the establishment a sleek contemporary look.

A Small Town in the Veldt

On the banks of the N’wanetsi River, Singita Lebombo Lodge offers you the luxury of pleasant choices: rest or play, gaze at the night sky or roam the veldt in the sunshine. The Lebombo is a complex of several buildings, and it can accommodate dozens of activities, too. Some of the most popular are the game drives, operated in rugged Land Rovers, and open to six riders at a time on a daily basis. The wildlife that inhabits the great veldt of the Kruger is varied and numerous, and you can be assured of encountering both predators and their prey on your drive. For the more adventurous travellers, guided safari walks are easily arranged, providing a more intimate look at the area, along with lots of great exercise. On your return to your suite, you may wish to continue your workout at one of the Lebombo’s gyms, or to relax at the archery range. Of course, a quiet night of rest is always an option, especially if you arrange for some of the many relaxing spa services offered at the Lodge.

Families and Fun in the Veldt

Children are always welcome at Singita Lebombo Lodge, and at all of Singita’s hotels and camps. Children’s activities are easy to join. Many of the kids at Lebombo are most delighted with the Mini-Ranger Programme, a Singita specialty. In this course, children can learn the techniques of tracking animals and bush survival. Stargazing is offered and the intrepid young explorers can enjoy a round of frogging, as well. Since the Singita School of Cooking is based at the Lebombo complex, young would-be cooks can receive some lessons from experienced chefs. Mountain bikes are also available, and there are lots of great tracks in the area.

Leisure Time at Lebomb

Singita Lebombo Lodge Boutique and Gallery is open almost every day, and this is a great place to find stunning craftwork and art. Fine-art prints are sold, as well as some remarkable jewelry. The tribal styles of African people have become famous throughout the world, and the Gallery is always full of impressive, powerful woodwork and stone sculptures. Also available for purchase are some of the best wines made in Africa, part of the new international wave of viticulture found in many luxury accommodations today.

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