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Six Senses Douro Valley

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Six Senses Douro Valley, a 19th century manor house with a sense of the present day

The Garden of Eden has been discussed and written about for centuries. It seems to be mankind’s pursuit of a fruitful pleasure for all the senses combined to create a sixth sense, a sentient awareness of pure happiness. There is a habitat that procreates a collection of imperishable flora and a river that embodies just such a place – Six Senses Douro Valley Hotel, Spa and Resort.

State of the Art Acknowledges History

The accommodations feature all the modern day conveniences throughout the menu of amenities. Configurations include variations on a theme, however, the perpetual standard is plenty of living space whether staying in a suite, duplex or apartment. Views of the vineyard, river and valley are scattered generously throughout the property.

A Spa; Wellness, Nature, Remedies & Relaxation

A marriage of fundamental components creates the necessary atmosphere for solace and treatment. East meets west in the manifestation of that sixth sense, which gives the mind, body and soul permission to heal and recuperate. The Spa leans on the expertise of its tenured Wellness Directors to use their training and rehabilitation skill set to create the ultimate visitor experience. Measuring biomarkers, guiding through aerial yoga, a body wrap, heated stone massage, a detox and facials are some of the wellness overtures made at Six Sense Duoro Valley.

Food as a Way of Life

To experience the true joy of eating the Six Senses Douro Valley creates opportunity with three distinct offerings and the vineyard; the Open Kitchen, the Dining Room and the Terrace.

Sit next to your chef as he dazzles you with what looks a simple meal; the baking of bread and the cooking of a recipe handed down from his mother. Before you know it, the best choice of wine, freshly harvested produce, the swirling a sauce and the basting of a protein finds you offering to stay and work the Open Kitchen.

The Dining Room presents vintage adornment of Portugal’s wood and stone, forging a unique settingupon which local markets inspire medleys assimilated into an exhibit that illustrates provincial cuisine in a worldly demeanour.

Take for granted that the meal will be superb as all others have have been during your stay. Find yourself in a mindset of the culture of Portugal, salt cod and grilled sardines, listening to the trickling wellspring, surrounded by a scenic farmstead of grapes on The Terrace.

It is a rare landscape that supports the perfect storm for the concoction of the fermented grape. A balanced seasonal temperature, the soil, and the tender care of those who exemplify the meaning of the words cultivate, ripen and swell. It is the focal point of this magnificent resort and the margin of difference in an excellent meal.

The Liveliness of Douro Valley

If you are at the age where you remember climbing a tree and still feel the urge and possibility, then let the Douro Valley be your playground. And if you truly connect with those yearnings for yesterday and have the accompaniment of family and friends, then let the games begin. Hiking, rappelling, biking, climbing and bird watching, inspecting the vineyards and making some wine; it’s all yours for the taking.

Dreaming of a Simpler Way

The panorama of mountains and sea, the traditions of shepherds and fisherman, the bounty of bread and wine, and the history of castles and villages – these are the qualities of life that make Six Senses Douro Valley Hotel, Spa and Resort your destination of choice.

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