Six Senses Zighy Bay

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Six Senses Zighy Bay, lavish relaxation in Oman

There is a quiet corner of the Arabian Peninsula, where the nation of Oman reaches around the Indian Ocean and comes to the Straits of Hormuz. This is where the Musandam Peninsula almost reaches from Arabia to Persia and nearly turns the Persian Gulf into a lake. Along the Musandam Peninsula, the Sultan of Oman rules over several beautiful villages from his home in Muscat, several hundred miles to the southeast. Here you will encounter the sleepy village of Zighy, sometimes spelled Zaghi. Here the Indian Ocean breeze cools the land during the day, and the mountains of the Arabian Peninsula come down to the ocean and forms great cliffs, while the desert heat combines with the rest to create a stunning beach resort, the Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort.

Six Senses is a fairly large international consortium of deluxe facilities, and with Zighy Bay they have achieved an outstanding example of luxurious accommodations mixed with sun and surf. The Zighy Bay is actually a complex of Central Building, villas and other buildings scattered around several acre of beachfront, operating its own marina at the southern end of the beach. The estate welcomes children six or older, and your concierge can offer you all the equipment for every water sport imaginable on a bespoken basis, from scuba gear to wind-surfing boards, to simple plastic rafts for one of the several pools that the estate operates. Zighy Bay is also very community minded, supporting the nearby village with donations and maintaining a set of eco-friendly practices.

Choosing From Among an Array of Pools and Spas

The Zighy Bay estate is large than the numbers tell. Almost every villa enjoys a wine cellar and its own small plunge pool. The total number of villas is 82, and the rooms are classified as Pool Villas, Spa Pool Villas, Pool Villa Beachfront, Spa Pool Villa Beachfront, Pool Villa Suite, Spa Pool Villa Suite, and the Pool Villas Suite Beachfront. The penthouse offering is the Beit Musandam, The Private Reserve, capable of hosting eight adults. With such a large selection of rooms offering their own Spa Treatment Rooms, the estate naturally offers a grand array of spa services. There is a Moroccan hammam onsite, and the Wellness center can provide guests with a list of the beauty treatments and massages.

Choosing From Among an Array of Restaurants

While you stay at the Zighy Bay deluxe resort, you enjoy exploring the local region or staying on the shoreline basking in the sun. Your concierge will be glad to arrange various activities on a bespoken basis, including chartered cruises on Arabian dhows, the ships that brought spices and silks from China to the Roman Empire. Mountain biking and rock climbing in the local heights is available for the more energetic guests, and children of all ages can elect from dozens of programs for their own entertainment. After a day of sun and sand and salt water, you can unwind at any of the five dining establishments open at the hotel, or enjoy a cocktail at the Zighy Bar.

The Summer House offers light fare designed for afternoon dining, while the Spice Market stands as the most traditional diner. The Shua Shack offers a savory exposure to Bedouin cuisine, and the Sense on the Edge restaurant provides multi-course meals from its perch on the mountains above the estate, where the ocean view is spectacular. The Wine Cellar of the Estate can also be booked for meals with a group of no more than eight. The Six Senses Zighy Bay deluxe resort will provide you with a grand experience in a grand setting, and you can expect to enjoy one of the best times of your life there.


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