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Soneva Kiri

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Soneva Kiri is a rendezvous with paradise

If you dream in colour and can feel the warm breezes of the ocean swirl around your body while palm trees cast shade on the tiny waves gently licking the soft white sandy shore – then you have arrived at Soneva Kiri. A short flight from Bangkok delivers you to a time and place that immediately releases the weightiness of daily life.  You can almost hear the music of Anna singing with the children from Rogers and Hammerstein’s, The King and I, while watching the locals walk from the rainforest to their boats. Soneva Kiri is a resort that is as elegant as it is wild and untamed.

Villas and Vistas

Soneva Kiri provides the intimacy of a one-bedroom beachfront and cliff-side villa, as well as the bounty of a six-bedroom version that is a home away from home for family and friends. Couples celebrating love enjoy household comforts, while taking pleasure in the sensual mood set by the multi-level loggias, convenient outdoor bathing overlooking a private pool, all underneath the umbrella hierarchy of ancient tress, steps away from the crystal clear waters of the sea.

Imagine a pool blending into your view of the sea filled with family and friends, hearing the splash of children sliding into the water, while others carry out a tea party in a hut, perfectly balanced among the jungle’s foliage. Play games, workout and work up a sweat, relax with a steam, lounge under the sun and stars, and linger in the island state of mind.

Island Life With a Twist

There is no better view of the wild blue yonder, at noon or at midnight, far away from the luminosity of society than from high atop the world. Mankind’s allure to the heavens has created settings such as The Observatory on Soneva Kiri for the astronomer and the astounded.

No matter where we travel, the mystique of Hollywood calls out, even in the most remote locality. Cinema Paradiso places visitors in a Kipling Jungle Book drive-in movie theatee with nightly screenings sure to please everyone.

Weary travellers can take solace in a therapeutic excursion of the senses at The Spa at Soneva Kiri. Temptation for the exotic lets you to drift away while enchanting hands dissipate the accumulation of stress and strain. Worldly recipes of lubricating potions merge with baths, facials and massage to deliver the soul intact and ready for a new day.

Immerse yourself in the crystal clear liquid of the sea surrounding Koh Kood, witnessing the rainbow of pigments and tint of the fish, coral and reefs. Become one with the element that covers most of our planet, along side divers proficient in skillful exploration and guided tours of the deep.

The urban nobility of Koh Kood is found in the simple chattel of those who are the living embodiment of the island’s prosaic grace.  Children go to school, fathers fish to provide, mothers cook to supplement, and yet island life of Koh Kood is a woven tapestry that entices our voyeur instincts to compare and contrast and be among them.

The Den and Explorers Club at Soneva Kiri present a sophisticated “Eco/Neverland” experience for young children guided and cared for by our credentialed staff through visual and physical arts, and experiences with nature that leave a lasting impression of respect for our planet.

Taste, Taste, Taste!

The dining pleasures of Soneva Kiri ranges from Treepod, eating while suspended in the canopy, serviced by waiters on zip lines, to So Spirited, a bar of desserts and treats enough to titillate the simplest and most sophisticated of palettes, to Chef Benz utilizing home grown ingredients to complete the experience with Thai gourmet.

Soneva Kiri is the essence of Thailand; exotic, simple, livable, renewable, imperishable and unending. If you dream in colour, Soneva Kiri is waiting.

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