Baccarat Hotel - New York - Grand Salon Entrance Indoor

The Baccarat Hotel

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The Baccarat Hotel, a beacon of luxury in the Big Apple

The intense metropolis New York City covered with glass towers and opulence and gritty streets remains a wonder, and in the heart of Manhattan, at the centre of the party, stands the regal Baccarat Hotel. A luxury affair, the Baccarat caters to the traveller who seeks the most refined and lavish settings for their bespoke explorations of New York. Located directly across from the entrance to the Museum of Modern Art on West 53th Street, the Baccarat features legendary levels of opulence and comfort, all set to the rhythms of the most exciting places in the world.

A Crown For A City

The Baccarat is the ultimate upscale hotel in the most entertaining part of New York City, just south of Central Park. Three blocks to the south stands Radio City Music Hall, and about four blocks to the north and west resides Carnegie Hall. The hotel itself is composed of 114 rooms and suites, including the Harcourt Two Bedroom Suite and the Baccarat Suite. Decorated in contemporary style with emphasis on crystals and accents of red and caramel, each and every suite features selected original art and supremely luxurious furnishings.

A City With More Than Enough To Do

When you are in New York City, you are in the centre of a mad whirl of cultural glory. Travellers who are interested in bespoken tours of the city have a feast of choices available to them, from elite art exhibitions at the MoMA, to alternative comedy at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, to the championship sports and the most recent rock stars at Madison Square Garden, seasonal festivals, outdoor markets: the list is endless. The theatres of Broadway will always have shows that are easier to get into than others. The staff of the Baccarat will be glad to engage several bespoke events and entertainments for their clientele, and all you need to do is discuss your interests with them. Sometimes a simple stroll around the neighborhouds can be among the best times of your stay in New York, and the Baccarat will be happy to guide you to such fascinating walking areas as Washington Square, the World Trade Center Memorial, Little Italy, Chinatown, or even just a picnic in Central Park. Museums of every stripe and size are everywhere in New York, displaying countless grand and alternative fascinations. The wonderful problem of New York is that you could never do it all, and that you must think and choose your recreations advisedly. Your hosts at the Baccarat will be there to help.

A Dining Experience and a Well Deserved Rest

The dining at the Baccarat can be compared to great gourmet adventures. The Grand Salon and Baccarat Library can be your host for social events, while the Long Bar and Petit Salon provide quiet areas for cocktails. The diamond of the Baccarat is the Chevalier, a Brasserie de Luxe with an overall focus on seafood, fresh from the Atlantic. Executive Chef Shea Gallante has earned a Michelin star for his intimate and rounded room, with a beautiful bar menu supporting his Dinner entreés. After a day of dealing with New York’s energy, you will find the spa services of the Baccarat necessary and delightful. The Spa De La Mer menu is extensive and engaging, and it will provide the perfect end to your bespoken adventures in the Big Apple.

Baccarat Hotel - New York - EntranceBaccarat Hotel - New York - Petit SalonBaccarat Hotel - New York - The TerraceBaccarat Hotel - New York - PoolBaccarat Hotel - New York - SuiteBaccarat Hotel - New York - The BarBaccarat Hotel - New York - Penthouse TerraceBaccarat Hotel - New York - Grand SalonBaccarat Hotel - New York - Prestige Suite SalonBaccarat Hotel - New York - Entrance HallBaccarat Hotel - New York - ChevalierBaccarat Hotel - New York - ChevalierBaccarat Hotel - New York - Prestige Suite BedroomBaccarat Hotel - New York - Art

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