The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

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Unwind the clock of modern life at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a getaway unlike any other in the world. It features a top-of-the-line hotel that sports the latest and greatest of Nordic design set against seemingly inhospitable volcanic landscape. Each of the suites is designed in a minimalist fashion but the use of natural materials and abundant natural light offers a specific feeling of warmth and coziness.

The retreat has 5 suites that afford incredible views of the rugged Icelandic nature., The Lagoon Suite and the Lagoon View Junior Suite are particularly interesting because they let you enjoy incredible blue waters just outside the accommodation. In other words, you have your own private lagoon a few steps away from the bedroom.

Besides the breathtaking vistas and your own private hot-water lagoon, The Retreat offers an amazing spa and wellness experience. You can pamper your body and soul with one of the in-house massages and treatments or choose to take a unique Blue Lagoon ritual. On top of that, the Moss Restaurant offers the best of Icelandic cuisine, combining maritime cultural heritage and exceptional contemporary cooking style.

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