The Reverie Saigon

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The Reverie Saigon, a grand luxury affair

When Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City, the newly united nation of Vietnam trebled in size, both in acreage and economic power. Today, Ho Chi Minh City is the most important economic engine of Vietnam, and its people retain their love of good living and good business, cultivated over the last century as a major port city in French Indochina. One new celebration of this culture can be seen in the opening of the Reverie Hotel, a grand luxury affair located along the beautiful Pho Di Bao Nguyen Hue Plaza, just a short walk from the Saigon River to the southwest and the Saigon Cathedral to the northwest.

The Reverie is in the heart of the Bien Thanh downtown district, and the streets surrounding the Nguyen Hue Boulevard are filled with nightlife. The 39-story Times Square tower, where the Reverie operates throughout the 27th to the 39th floors, is mixed-use, and it is occasionally lit up with gorgeous and bright neon coloured lighting during seasonal festivals, when the Boulevard itself is transformed into a grand boardwalk. Open in 2015, the Reverie is committed to offering the finest luxury accommodations in the nation, with spacious guestrooms open to beautiful vistas of the city’s parks and skyscrapers along the wide Saigon River.

The Finest Accommodations in a Bustling City

The Reverie is a large hotel, and it can offer its clientele 224 guestrooms, 62 suites, and 89 apartments, all featuring designer amenities from Colombostile, Provasi, Visonaire, and Giorgetti. The accommodations are graded into twelve categories, and every one features floor-to-ceiling windows and either Italian silk wall covers or beautifully designed mosaics. At some time during your stay, you may want to take a long look at the La Scala Ballroom, with its crystal chandeliers in a 24-foot high ceiling, with walls paneled in onyx. The hotel offers a helipad for air travellers, as well as several Bentleys and other luxury sedans for guests, and bespoke tours by land, air, or water can easily be arranged with the concierge. The hotel’s Spa, based on Floors 6 and 7, operates a fitness centre available for 24 hours a day, and seventeen treatment rooms for individuals, couples, and private hair and nail service. Guests of the hotel enjoy access to both the fitness centre and the Spa’s outdoor swimming pool.

A Place for Trade and Glamorous Nights

Ho Chi Minh City is wrapped around a couple of curves in the Saigon River very tightly, but canals and roads connect it to every province in the south, making it a center of transport and exchange of goods. It is a commercial town, but a century of French colonialism has also given the place a pronounced taste for good food and colourful entertainment. The Hotel will be glad to arrange introductions to the surrounding museums and historical landmarks, and the intrepid traveller should be aware that simply taking in the nightlife can be a fine way to explore the city as well. The Opera House and the Saigon Cathedral are amazing instances of transplanted French culture, and the Cao Ban Thanh, the Ban Thanh Market, will provide you with a real slice of life in the city.

A fine meal at the restaurant will quickly revive you after your explorations, and the Royal Pavilion, serving a fusion of Cantonese and Vietnamese fare, the R&J Italian, and the Café Cardinal, serving excellent French cuisine, will all provide excellent entrées, while the Deli and the Long Café specialize in lighter fare. Between the marketplaces, the fine dining, the strong coffee, and the luxurious comforts of a five star hotel in the heart of the city, you will come to find a good bit of paradise in Ho Chi Minh City, once known as Saigon by the river.


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