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The Serai

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The luxury tents of The Serai are a true desert oasis

Experience life as lived along the centuries old caravan routes travelled by traders across India into Eastern Asia. The Serai Jaisalmer location of Sujan sits on 100 acres of desert scrub. In a culture proud of its heritage you will be transported back to the mystical times of the Jaisalmer.

This simple, but elegant camp encompasses 21 tent sites, each sitting atop sandstone plinths with private plunge pools. Fourteen Tented Suites provide over one thousand square feet of living space with outdoor veranda, covered living room and lounge, and a spacious bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Six Luxury Tented Suites feature private blue ceramic tiled plunge pools enclosed within open-air walls. The ultra exclusive Royal Tented Suite is a resort in itself. A private encampment, it includes a private spa, a heated outdoor pool and separate tents for dining and lounging. A personal butler provides for all your needs.

Desert drives and a camel safari are experiences not to be missed. Fossils of animals and plants as old as 180 million years and even dinosaurs abound in the Thar Desert. Animal species almost extinct in other areas of India thrive in this desert, including the Great Indian Bustard, Blackbuck and wild asses. Stay sharp during the safari to spot a golden fox or a carmacar, the medium-sized wild cat resembling a mix of puma and lynx.

Walk the Streets of Ancient India

Ruins and architectural wonders surround the area. The Living Fortress, an ancient fort is still populated by locals. Bazaars filling the streets with tables showing off local wares and stunning tapestries and carpets covering the walls transport visitors back to the time of local maharajas. Within the Living Fortress you will find Jain Temples and the Palace. In opposition to the Living Fortress is Kuldhara, the abandoned city. Two hundred years ago the entire community vanished overnight leaving behind wonderful temples, crumbling houses and underground structures. Legend speaks of this cursed “Village of Death” that few will enter at night.

The Golden Fortress at Jaisalmer was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013 for its impact on the history and culture of India. With temples and havelis all showcasing intricately carved stone, this famous fortress sits on the old caravan routes once travelled between India and Central Asia.

Oasis Comforts at The Serai Sujan

Cuisine at its best is always available at The Serai. Local homegrown ingredients are used to produce Indian delicacies in addition to western fare. Guests can enjoy meals in the dining tent, the bar or anywhere on the property with tailor-made dinning experiences.

Four tents house a luxury spa with relaxing interiors. Wide varieties of therapies are available to guests, from reflexology, scrubs, and massage, as well as a plethora of healing herbs used in site made Ayurveda products. The spa holds to the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. A visit to the Serai Sujan, with a perfect combination of modern amenities and old world experiences, is assured to bring the guest into perfect balance.

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