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Trisara, a magnificent resort on the sands of the Andaman Sea

The Malay peninsula is the home to several amazing resort communities, especially on the western island of Phuket, a part of Thailand. On Phuket, the tropical weather is beautiful throughout the year, with ocean breezes cooling the air during the day and a monsoon season that features dry weather throughout the winter. On the northwest curve of Phuket Island, where the Andaman washes on the shores of the jungles of the Sirinat National Park, the luxury resort called the Trisara, which is Sanskrit for “Third Garden of Heaven,” stands on a private beach, with rocky headlands at each end.

A long dock awaits the Trisara’s clientele, offering private boating excursions, and all of the villas on the five-star estate face out to the ocean. In the summer season, kayaks line the beach for the use of the guests, and bespoke water sports are easy to arrange. The Trisara is remarkably child-friendly, with a kids club called Trisara Kids, organised in a dedicated pavilion set off from the more adult–favoured areas of the estate, such as the wonderful library in the calming lobby of the reception building. In the summertime, the monsoon rains are regular but light, and the eco-friendly estate catches the precipitation for use in gardens and reflecting pools, as part of its commitment to the Keep Phuket Clean campaign, along with regular beach cleaning.

Relaxing and Rejuvenating at the Trisara

The beach of the Trisara is an unnamed cove, while the estate itself is fairly large, with over 54 rooms, villas, and suites available for its clientele. The penthouse options offered include the Boathouse and the Trisara Signature Villa. Almost every guest location features a private infinity pool and outdoor shower. The beach and the dock makes all kinds of water sports easy to come by, from jet skis to paddle boarding, and bespoke tennis lessons can be arranged as well. At the centre of the Trisara reception area, you can find the saltwater 45-meter outdoor lap pool. The very large Trisara Spa occupies 1500 square meters of the resort, and features private treatment rooms with sea views, all of which are pavilions open to the air, and decorated by tropical ponds. The Spa is also kid-friendly, offering 30 minute treatments for children six or older, and adults can also enjoy Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi on a bespoke basis.

A Fitting End to a Tropical Journey

Phuket is a large island inhabited by plenty of towns and a couple of cities, as well as some amazing natural wonders. Trisara will be glad to provide bespoke boating tours of the awesome Phang Nga Bay, where the eroded headlands seem ready to topple over. The Gibbon Restoration Project at Khao Phra Theaw National Park is not a petting zoo, but it is a wonderful testament to the dedication of Thai environmentalists. The national monument to the Two Sisters is worth a visit to those travellers interested in history, and the Bang pae Waterfall is a wonderful jungle locale for photographers. After a bespoken tour of the island, you will probably be hungry, and the Trisara will be able to serve you a fine repast at any of its three restaurants, whether that be the Seafood at Trisara, with a five-course menu focused of the fruits of the ocean, or the Bar, or the Deck. As your meal ends, enjoy a cocktail while the sun goes down below the horizon, as you relax in a luxurious villas at Trisara, Phuket’s most lavish and private beach hotel.

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