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Villa Orsula

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Enjoy the Adriatic in style at Villa Orsula in Dubrovnik

On the coast of Dalmatia, where the Adriatic Sea meets the shores of city of Dubrovnik, the world began to discover the joys of the perfect Adriatic weather in 1897, when the first hotels were opened in the region. Since then, successive waves of vacationers and explorers have come to the luxurious villas that surround the city of Dubrovnik and its nearby neighbours on the sea. The new generation of luxury resorts led by the Adriatic Luxury Hotels group includes a number of grand boutique establishments, and one of the most beautifully situated of them is the Villa Orsula, only about a five-minute walk from the cobblestone streets and the red tile roofs of Old Dubrovnik Town, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

At Villa Orsula, almost every guestroom offers a view of the island of Lokrum in the shimmering bay. The terraces of the hotel are all beautifully designed for relaxing afternoon in the sun, and the hotel even offers a library for its guests beneath three large arches in the reception area. Many of the suites and rooms of the Villa contain the original pointed arches that were first included in the original construction of the building. As is customary with many boutique estates in Mediterranean locales, the Villa is decorated in a series of creams and beiges, which moderate the bright sunshine, with dark and reddish woods providing elegant accents. And as befits a luxury establishment, the Villa Orsula will be glad to arrange bespoke tours of the region.

Suites to Write Home About

The Villa is a true boutique affair, with 13 guestrooms available for its clientele, of which two are spacious and attractive suites. The views from the guestroom balconies, the terraces, and the dining areas of the Villa are all panoramic, with the old town and harbour to the right, in the west, and the island of Lokrum due south of the estate. The penthouse options offered by the Villa are the larger suites, called the Deluxe and the Royal Suites. Every guestroom features ensuite bathrooms, with robes and slippers. The amenities include the excellent designer toiletries of the Bvlgari label, although English speakers may find them a little short of vowels. You can arrive at the Villa after receiving a limousine ride from the airport, courtesy of the Villa’s transfer policy.

Enjoy Dubrovnik’s Splendours and the Villas Promising Restaurant

The old town and the area around Dubrovnik are filled with amazing examples of history and architecture working together to tell the stories of kings and queens and wars and all too brief days of peace. The Franciscan monastery of the Friars Minor took the lead in developing pharmacies still operates in the old town, and of course Dubrovnik features festivals and concerts all year round. Natural wonders are common and easy to reach in Dalmatia and Croatia, and the Villa will be glad to arrange bespoke tours of the area, as well as charter excursions in powerboats or sailing yachts. When the time comes for a relaxing meal, the Villa offers the Victorian Restaurant and Lounge, which boldly declares that it is the first example of Peruvian and Adriatic fusion cuisine! Chef Roberto Chavez provides a menu the somewhat emphasizes seafood, and quinoa quite frequently appear as an ingredient in his dishes, as well as huanciana, anticucho sauce, and various ajis. A visit to the Victoria’s bar on the second floor terrace will allow you to drink in the night sky, and there you will have the length of starry Dubrovnik laid out before you.

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