Velaa Private Island - Maldives

Velaa Private Island

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Velaa Private Island is the epitome of luxury

Velaa Private Island is part of the Noonu atoll situated towards the northwest edge of the beautiful Maldives archipelago.  Located 187 kilometres north of Male, Velaa Private Island is an exclusive hideaway where guests are treated like royalty.

The island’s name literally means “Turtle Island”, due to the generations of sea turtles that have nested on its beaches.

Veela Private Island is a unique combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces, from the most intimate and personal to the grandest of scales.  The romantic villas are modern and luxurious and placed either by the beach or overlooking the turquoise waters of the lagoon.  They bring together privacy, comfort and space as well as natural materials harmonious with the setting.

From all-day dining in the restaurant to private dining at a destination of choice and served by a private butler, Veela brings together the best local as well as international ingredients prepared by the talented chefs.  Each exquisite dish can be complemented by wines from a comprehensive wine cellar or a stellar collection of vintage champagnes.

Velaa is ready to look after you whether you are relaxing, rejuvenating or rekindling with a sense of adventure.

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