Synergy International Italy

ITALY – representation MASTER

Synergy International Italy provides unique travel experiences

Italy, Synergy's home country! The “Bel Paese” in name and in fact: Italy holds the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Art and culture, history, natural wonders and gastronomic experiences, excellent wine traditions, and unique destinations…and there would be so much more to mention.

Synergy International Italy are “artisans” of hospitality, in love with their country and they have dedicated themselves to the art of hospitality for almost thirty years, providing a different, all-inclusive, budget-friendly, and result-effective customized international sales & marketing support to Italian hotels & resorts.

Their experience derives from working with luxury independent Italian properties and international hotel chains, allowing them to work in all major markets that “feed” the Italian hospitality, thanks to which they can count on a consolidated network of contacts and relationships including travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs, meeting, incentive and wedding planners in main markets such as USA, Latin America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and East Europe and part of Asia.

All of this is made available to independent and privately-owned Italian boutique hotels and resorts to deliver tailor-made, adaptable strategies for short term responses and long term results to include sales support, start-up, strategic planning (including benchmarking and positioning of the properties in the right markets), revenue management and innovative solutions to achieve concrete goals and the customer’s satisfaction.

The “mission” is enclosed in Synergy's concept of “coaching” and offers expertise and contacts to capture the attention and establish a fruitful collaboration with the international markets and their travel professionals, ….in few words, a “synergy” among Italian hospitality and international buyers.

Their strengths are the true knowledge of the Italian destinations from main art cities to off-the-beaten-track gems and their wonderful peculiarities; the know-how to represent the Collection to the major international feeder markets; the all-year-round travelling to those destinations, bringing Italy “door-to-door” to its main buyers, as well as the participation to the most important international luxury trade shows and events.

Synergy’s portfolio, work ethic, passion and attention to detail, in addition to creativity, ensure unique and authentic travel experiences. And, not to forget … the most important aspect: the human factor, that heart that beats for the passion of hospitality and service, which go beyond pure knowledge.