Synergy International Italy

Synergy International Italy provides unique travel experiences

Synergy International Italy is a “laboratory” boutique firm based in Rome, specialized in providing a different, all-inclusive, budget-friendly and result-effective customized international sales and marketing support to Italian hotels & resorts.

Boasting 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry working with high-end, independent Italian properties and international hotel chains, the team of Synergy International Italy is able to work in all major markets that “feed” the Italian hospitality, thanks to which they can count on a consolidated network of contacts and relationships including travel agencies, meeting, incentive and wedding planners in main markets such as USA, Latin America, Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe and East Europe.

Their purpose is to deliver tailor-made, adaptable strategies for short term responses and long term results to include sales support, start up, strategic planning, revenue management and innovative solutions to achieve concrete objectives and the customer’s satisfaction.

The “mission” is enclosed in the concept of “coaching” and offers expertise and contacts to capture the attention and establish a fruitful collaboration with the international markets  and their travel professionals.  In other words, creating that “synergy” between Italian hospitality and international buyers.

Synergy’s portfolio, work ethic, the passion and attention to details, in addition to creativity and desire to provide unique travel experiences ensure an authentic, unparalleled service.

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