Fjellborg Arctic Lodge

Fjellborg Arctic Lodge – Breathtaking, wild, serene – and yours, exclusively.   From November to April, Fjellborg Arctic Lodge offers guests a unique chance to experience the pristine wilderness of Swedish Lapland, with packages that combine private guided adventures with warmly inviting accommodation. Located 200 km inside the Arctic Circle on the shores of Lake Väkkärä, the adventure begins before

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Fjellborg Arctic Journeys

Fjellborg Arctic Journeys - Dogs are man's best friend

With a climate that ranges from subarctic to polar, travellers may not immediately think of paradise when they consider the destination of Sweden’s Lapland. However, the area is naturally set as a utopian playground for visitors who wish to explore an arctic environment with luxury amenities. With Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, each guest

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Volcanoes Safaris

Operating in Rwanda and Uganda, with over fifteen years in the safari business, Volcanoes Safaris is an award pioneer in eco-luxury tourism. Headed by the ‘visionary conservationist’ Parveen Momam, Volcanoes Safaris is at the forefront of mountain gorilla tourism. Operating three lodges in Uganda and one in Rwanda, Volcanoes Safaris

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Soaring Safaris

Soaring Safaris Crater

The concept of an African safari is long associated with colonial exploration and epic adventure. The word safari itself conjures visions of trekking through the savannah in search of big game. In reality, many safaris end with only a few small animals being seen, and travellers that are incredibly hot and tired. Proposing

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Five of the Finest Properties Centred Around Horses

Ranch at Rock Creek - Guests Horseback Riding through Nature

Five of the finest properties centred around horses:  Proving that a sustainable resort can be just as luxurious as a five star hotel, the Mustang Monument Eco Resort in Nevada. As a reserve and preservation area for wild horses, this all-inclusive ranch offers global travellers the opportunity to unite with the land and wonders of Western nature. Through a

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Waterproof Expeditions

Waterproof Expeditions, a lively and thrilling adventure company operated out of the Netherlands, provides leisurely explorers and adrenaline seekers bespoke opportunities for interaction with the world and its characteristic organic playground personality. Offering a vast selection of destinations and excursions, Waterproof Expeditions creates memorable experiences that are just as educational

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