Salon Privé

Salon Privé, London, United Kingdom

Taking place on the grounds of the stunning Blenheim Palace, Salon Privé is one of the most exclusive automotive events in the UK. Organized every September, this boutique event is a place where class meets style and elegance, exuding a special royal flair. This luxurious garden party starts with Club Insurance Concours d’Elegance,

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Zoute Grand Prix

oute Grand Prix - Belgium - lifestyle - event

Zoute Grand Prix for a weekend of pure historic car fun in Belgium’s most exclusive seaside resort The Zoute Grand Prix is an event all classic car enthusiasts and owners should mark in their calendar. This prestigious four-day parade of the meanest machines automotive industry has to offer takes place every October at the fashionable Albertplein in Zoute and Kustlaan

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The Ziesel

The Ziesel -Mobilty-Revolution-experience

Since 1985, when Sir Clive Sinclair launched the C5, engineers worldwide have designed and created electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Unlike traditional electric vehicles that are either redesigned existing vehicles or simply a form of personal mobility vehicle created for the urban environment, the Ziesel is an all-terrain, on and off-road sport

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Hellgeth BV206 CDI

Hellgeth BV206 CDI - Off-Road

From the snow bound poles to the desert of the Middle East and the jungles of Africa, the BV206 has conquered them all. Initially developed by Hägglunds in 1974 as an articulated all-terrain amphibious tracked carrier.   The BV206 was originally developed for the snow and bog lands of northern Sweden.  The first production models were

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Dub Box

Dub Box Orange & White Combination

Created by retro camper van aficionados, Matt and Becky Clay, Dub Box definitely is the coolest and most stylish caravan for lovers of all things vintage. The Herefordshire couple were looking for a way to take their three children and family dog out on camping trips, while not having to compromise on the

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Ice Driver

Ice Driver - IceDriver Porsche 911 drfiting elegantly

For the ultimate in cultural and adventurous experiences, we introduce Ice Driver. As a family business run in Geilo, Norway, the Ice Driver experience is brought to you by Andy and Alison McKenna. Andy’s extensive experience with motor sports combined with Alison’s hospitality ensures that you’re experience is unforgettable.

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