Cotton House Hotel

Cotton House Hotel - Spain - Lounge

Set in the former location of Spain’s Fundacion Textil Algodonera, the 19th century grandeur of the Cotton House Hotel exemplifies everything magical about Barcelona. Embellished with neoclassical style and infused with bygone romance, elite travelers are welcomed into an era where cotton was king and everyone is treated like royalty. Bespoke Barcelona

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El Palauet Living Barcelona


Originating in the oldest neighbourhood of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, next to the harbour, the Paseo moves through the centre of the town, and at its northerly end, in the middle of the beautiful city, stands El Palauet, a deluxe boutique hotel, offering outstanding service to its guests. El Palauet is within

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Monument Hotel


The city of Barcelona is a crazy quilt of modern and ancient, with narrow flagstone lanes that wander in mazes bumping into broad avenues filled with buses and trolleys. Laid out in along the Mediterranean Sea in a hilly region, the city is cantered on a busy harbour, founded

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