La Plage Casadelmar

La Plage Casadelmar - France - Aerial View

Corsica is an island of mountains and surf, where the headlands and the beaches rise up to the forests of holm oak. On the southeastern shores of Corsica lies the Benedettu Peninsula and the city of Porto Vecchio, the “Old Port,” and this is where you will find the five-star luxury

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Hotel La Villa

Hotel La Villa - France - Corsica - Villa Pool

On the island of Corsica, where several airports and countless ferries connect the place to the European mainland across the Ligurian Sea, the city of Calvi is the most northerly destination for seekers of sun and surf. Blessed with a long, white

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Casa del Mar - France - Corsica - Hotel

The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful and warm for most of the year, and on the island of Corsica, a province of France, the winter temperature rarely goes below 13ºC, or 50ºF. Summertime on the island is dry and fairly hot, and the cities of the coast benefit mightily from the ocean breeze,

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