Villa Orsula

Villa Orsula - Croatia - Dubrovnik - Night

On the coast of Dalmatia, where the Adriatic Sea meets the shores of city of Dubrovnik, the world began to discover the joys of the perfect Adriatic weather in 1897, when the first hotels were opened in the region. Since then, successive waves of vacationers and explorers have come to

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Calvados Club

Calvados Club, your luxury travel partner in Croatia

Bespoke splendour on the Coast of Dalmatian with Calvados Club The experience of luxurious travel has long been the speciality of Calvados Club, a widely known and extensively connected destination master. For those travellers who are ready to explore the famous coastlines of the Dalmatia region in Croatia, Calvados Club can offer the best in bespoken luxury touring. With its

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Lesic Dimitri Palace

Lesic Dimitri Palace - Venice Birdcage Terrace

Croatia offers travellers a vast history, rich heritage, and gorgeous landscapes. Throughout its island speckled coast, the influences of the silk road and its trading systems are evident and numerous. On the island of Korcula, near the Peljesac peninsula, a stunning walled city emerges from the land. Terracotta roofs and medieval architecture

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