The Uyuni Airstream Experience

The Uyuni Airstream Experience, Sleeping under an sensational blanket of a million stars At over 3,600 metres above sea level in the Bolivian Altiplano, the Salar de Uyuni – the world’s largest salt flat – is a place unlike anywhere else in the world. Stretching over 11,000 square kilometres, there is nothing but blindingly white, crystallised salt as far as

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Feline Fields

Feline Fields –  An indulgent oasis in the heart of the Kalahari desert Many miles from human civilization, The Lodge at Feline Fields embraces the golden hues of the dry savannah, creating an authentic but indulgent oasis in the heart of the Kalahari desert. Stunning, two-storey suites, sited at the edge of the woodland, boast mesmerizing views across the grasslands

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Six Senses Zighy Bay


There is a quiet corner of the Arabian Peninsula, where the nation of Oman reaches around the Indian Ocean and comes to the Straits of Hormuz. This is where the Musandam Peninsula almost reaches from Arabia to Persia and nearly turns the Persian Gulf into a lake. Along the Musandam Peninsula, the

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Soaring Safaris

Soaring Safaris Crater

The concept of an African safari is long associated with colonial exploration and epic adventure. The word safari itself conjures visions of trekking through the savannah in search of big game. In reality, many safaris end with only a few small animals being seen, and travellers that are incredibly hot and tired. Proposing

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The Serai

The Serai - India - Camp

Experience life as lived along the centuries old caravan routes travelled by traders across India into Eastern Asia. The Serai Jaisalmer location of Sujan sits on 100 acres of desert scrub. In a culture proud of its heritage you will be transported back to the mystical times of the

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Three Camel Lodge

Three Camels Lodge

Travel far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, into the Gobi Desert and you will eventually arrive at Three Camel Lodge. The trip from the airport to the Eco-lodge through the wilderness is approximately 70 km along dirt roads and gives you a foretaste of the adventures you’re

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Awasi Atacama

Awasi Atacama - Chile - Excursion View

The desert is a special, open, empty place. Anyone can roam freely there, striding across landscapes of unearthly beauty for hours. One of the most gorgeous deserts in the world is also the least known to travelers – the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. Located at the border juncture of Chile and

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Serra Cafema Camp

Serra Cafema - Namibia - Dana Allen - Safari

Located on the remote and preciously desolate Skeleton Coast of northern Namibia, travellers will discover the impressive Serra Cafema Camp, a luxury destination in the purest deserts of Namibia. Set on the bank of the Kunene River in the Hartmann Valley, Serra Cafema Camp combines lavish atmosphere and services with the

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Little Kulala Camp and Lodge

Little Kulala - Namibia - Outdoor

Situated conveniently between Namibia’s desert expanse and the Atlantic coast is the massive 37k hectare Kulala Wilderness Reserve. The Lodge is nestled within this impressive exposition of African wilderness. A self described organic camp, the finest natural fibres and exotic hardwoods were employed in the construction of this immaculate

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